Sheena #10 head KO, falling off cliff, unconscious

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Sheena was always great looking, there is no denying that. And a lot of the time her stories were exciting, but not always. Bill Black once wrote in one of his Americomics editorial pages: "Sometimes Sheena stories can be downright boring." True, but even then, she looked great, right Bill? Most of her appearances were in Jumbo Comics, beginning as far back as 1939 . . . she appeared in over 167 issues of that title right down to the last issue in 1953. She also had her own title book "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" which ran for 18 issues from 1942 to 1953. Usually one could count on at least one good DID story in this series and sometimes even 2 or 3 more. In the first story of this issue (#10) some Americans own a gold mine which is beginning to run dry, so they team up with a local native girl to trick her tribe into believing the spirits are calling them to attack and sabotage some of the other gold mines in the vicinity. The plan is through acts of terror, to scare the other mine owners into selling their mines to the baddies and getting out of the business. The native girl is promised that she will become ruler of the tribe if the plan succeeds. Obviously Sheena gets caught in the cross-fire, becomes suspicious, investigates, and gets KO'd in the process. She falls, lies unconscious, awakens, and then launches her own raid on the bad guys and this time she prevails. In the third story in this issue some malevolent Americans devise a plan to trick natives into working as slaves in their tin mines by kidnapping them one by one. Again Sheena discovers the evil plan, but is knocked off of a cliff and falls to the river below where she is unconscious but not dead. When she awakens, she discovers that her mate "Bob" has been captured by the evil-doers, and quite naturally she goes to rescue him. Somehow she prevails (it isn't clear how) and the bad guys are apprehended and the indentured natives are set free. Pics below show her KO'd, out cold, falling off a cliff, lying unconscious and then waking up. She's great to look at. Enjoy.
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Aug 17, 2010
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Aug 31, 2010
More KO trouble for our delicious blonde Jungle babe! Fantastic!
Sep 01, 2010
More good action with Sheena that I have never seen before. Always good to see the long legged blonde get whacked out cold with a gun butt. Thanks for posting these great scenes.