Tomboy in Captain Flash #1 and #2 KO, carry, tied

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This page features a little known superheroine from the golden age. Tomboy is her name and she's about 11 years old with a body only developed to about a 9 year old. She's perhaps a female version of a younger Robin without any Batman to rely on. She's totally flat chested and not even as sexy looking as Mary Marvel, and that's saying a lot. Furthermore, she only lasted 4 episodes in Captain Flash, which was all the issues he ran. It is not clear to me why she did not last longer. In these two stories, she is KO'd, arm carried and tied up . . . but mostly in a far-off hard to see way. Obviously the publishers were somewhat skittish, fearing public criticism (aka Frederick Wertham and his book SOTI). Still it is DID art, regardless of the quality . . . the storytelling is first rate despite the skittish artwork. In the first story she defeats a mob (aka mafia) gangster and turns him over to the police which causes the mob to target her for death . . . their plan: to capture her and toss her out of their twin engine airplane. They lure her into a trap, grab her and load her onto their twin engine airplane. They fly over the ocean, and are about to toss her out of the plane when she jumps out and grabs ahold of the wing (Yeah right, far-fetched I know, but I told you she was a female Robin so that explains it, right?) She manages to cause the plane to crash with all the criminals aboard into the ocean, and then she jumps at the last minute to safety. Wow . . . sounds like Wonder Woman or something. In the second story some common theives are using a sonic boom machine to stun and neutralize their victims while they rob banks. Tomboy tries to intercede but gets
KO'd, arm carried and brought to their hide out where they tie her up and set a bomb to blow her up. She spins herself out of the bondage, returns to the fray and defeats the baddies (as expected). Pics below show all these scenes. Not sexy as Sheena or Batgirl, but interesting all the same. Enjoy.
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