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Black Cat first appeared in Speed Comics in issue #17 which appeared on the newstands in April, 1942. She lasted unto #40 which came out in November 1945 after which she began appearing in her owh titled series where she was in every issue from #1 to #29. Her early stories in Speed were during the beginning years of
WW II. And as was the custom in so many comic books of that era, war themes appeared in the storyline. So it was that in this issue some NAZI espisonage agents show up in Hollywood and coerce a repatriated German/American movie director to cooperate with them in kidnapping an important U.S. military commander. Linda Turner (aka the Black Cat) has a role acting in a movie being directed by this American/German movie director, and she gets suspicious of the director and comes at night to the studio just as the two Nazi agents with the help of the movie director are in the act of kidnapping the military man. She fights the Nazis hand-to-hand but they get the best of her with a head KO. Her male friend, Rick, is also KO'd. When they awaken they follow the Nazis' trail and catch up with them at the director's house. Their second encounter is more productive and they capture the Nazis and save the military man. She ends up kissing Rick in a victory kiss on the last page, something she did quite often in the early years of her career, and I strongly suspect it was an early attempt by the editors to show readers that just because she was a good fist fighter she was still a real girl and a lover only of the opposite sex, not the other kind. Her DID scenes would get better as time went by but this was her first time to get KO'd and it is rather timidly done. The inking in this issue is very poor, and this also was common in the early years. Have fun!
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