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chlorodon said:
Storm looks really helpless here both laid out on the ground and being dragged.
Apr 17, 2011
MORKOS said:
Gor blimey!
Apr 17, 2011
bobko said:
What I like about the scene is that it's not a powerful villain that knocked her out - but just a "regular" villain without powers who knocked out a mutant so powerful as Storm.

In addition to that - the panels are really good.
Apr 18, 2011
Wonderful scene!
Apr 18, 2011
gilslug said:
I've been looking for this scene for a while! Thanks so much!
Apr 19, 2011
oldslim1 said:
Hot,sexy pics of the shapely unconscious Storm. I agree with BobKo about her getting knocked out by some dude you would least expect. Good scenes.
Feb 05, 2012
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