Jet Girl in Zip Jet #1 3rd story -- hand gagged!!

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St. John Publications came out in 1953 with one of the best good girl art issues of the entire golden age -- it was a remake of a former heroic couple of the early 40's who appeared in Punch Comics as Rocketman and his sexy partner Rocket Girl. St. John renamed her Jet Girl and she was sexier than ever. In this, the third of three terrific stories to appear in issue #1, the amarillo duo are targeted for trouble by a gang of crooks who want to steal their jet packs to be used for some of their own nefarious endeavors. Jet Girl's secret identity is somehow known by the baddies and she is kidnapped as she walks on a public street in her alter-ego Pat Carson. Her mate, Tech Carson tracks her down, finds her and attempts to rescue her . . . at first unsuccessfully, but he eventually discovers her trapped in a cellar and she has already changed into her skin-tight flying uniform. Together they take on the baddies and defeat her captors . . . peace and justice once again prevailing. Some great pics of Pat Carson grabbed, hand gagged and hauled away in a get-away car. Although her peril in this story is in her civilian clothes, not her superheroine outfit, I love her when she is fighting in her skin tight yellow costume . . . it's as if she is wearing nothin' at all! I hope you enjoy as well!
P.S. I have already posted elsewhere on this website pics from the 1st and 2nd stories in this great issue and they are listed as Jet Girl in Zip Jet #1 story 1 and story 2. Check them out. This was a phenomenal issue which came out only 6 months before the rediculous and now defunct (Marvel, DC and Archie ditched the code as of Jan. 2010) Comic Book Code came out and ruined everything for the next 30 plus years for us sleepy comic book afficionados. Enjoy and may good girl art live forever!!

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