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Hawkman began appearing in Flash Comics as far back as 1940, but it was not until a couple of years later that Hawkgirl became his sidekick, though as a "civilian" and a "non-super-heroine" she was a part of his stories right from the start . . . the idea being that Hawkman was a loving husband with a wife. During the Golden Age of comics, it was very common for editors and publishers to go out of their way to show that certain heroes, like Superman and Wonder Woman, for instance, were fully heterosexual -- and not something else. In this story, with a somewhat simplistic plot yet with very fanciful weapons the bad guy plots to lure Hawkman into his lair so he can capture him and thus prevent him from interfering with the crimes he is planning on commiting. His plan is to capture Sheira, Hawkman's beloved, and use her as bait to lure her partner to his den so he too can be captured. What was planned for the Hawk Heroes after that is never made clear. To capture Sheira, the baddie sends a huge flying bird, which he claims to have invented himself, and its bigger than six elephants (this is what I call fanciful). The giant bird snatches Sheira in its claws and carries her back to the bad guy's den. There Sheira crawls on the floor from having nearly passed out from the ordeal. Then she is tied up and they wait for Hawkman, who doesn't disappoint. When he arrives, however, he rescues the wrong Shiera, he rescues a "fake" Shiera replica also made by the "bad guy" - - is this fanciful, or what? Hawkman eventually realizes his mistake, goes back to the bank robber's den, turns the tables, defeats the baddies, and rescues the "real" Shiera. Pics below show her snatched by the flying beast, crawling on the floor, tied up and later arm carried by Hawkman as he rescues her. Not the best of pics, but a well written story with lots of DID peril. Enjoy!!
P.S. One more thing. Notice the last frame on the last page. It's a full face view of Shiera and she is asking all the readers to buy War Stamps to help finance World War II. Throughout that war, comic books always promoted activities to support the war effort. They were more into current events and current affairs in that era than they have ever been since. Times have certainly changed! Interesting, huh?
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