Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) Chloroformed

Artwork Created: Nov 25, 2022
Today's special piece features Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) getting chloroformed by the powerful [Superwoman]( This is the Crime Syndicate version of Superwoman, as she appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. This piece was originally supposed to be a tribute to Teen Titans v1 #24. In this issue, the Teen Titans get chloroformed by some criminals at a ski resort. I wanted to draw a scene depicting that moment. Unfortunately, the sketch didn't resemble what I had in mind. The villain just didn't look imposing enough. That led me to re-evaluate the scene, scrapping the original idea and going with a supervillain. Hope you all like the result.
Series: DC Comics
Tags: chloroform  superwoman  sleepys_picks  superheroine