Zatanna Chloroformed (Animated Series)

Artwork Created: Feb 28, 2024
This is Zatanna again but in her very first animated series costume. I always loved this outfit's simple blue design. It's too bad we didn't see more of it! The episode she appears in is aptly named, "Zatanna". In it, Zatanna and Batman encounter a bad guy named Montague Kane, whose whole scheme is to debunk famous magicians' acts (he apparently makes a bunch of money doing this.) He ends up capturing Zatanna and Batman in the episode twice. First, they both fall through a trap door and deal with spiked walls. Next, they get chained and tossed from an air-fortress. I thought there was a missed opportunity to chloroform Zatanna (after all, chloroform was used in the animated series once.) So I drew the scene for you all!
Series: DC Comics
Tags: chloroform  cartoon
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