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Harley Quinn unconscious on the cover.
Nov 17, 2014 0 1
In issue 9, Cloak and Dagger got shot and kidnapped. In issue 10 Diamondback, Kitty Pride, Black Widow (Jessica Drew in this case) and also the new Spiderman all get kidnapped by KO darts. They're all loaded into a van and taken to who knows where. If kidnapping superheroines was this easy, it should be done more...
Nov 16, 2014 3 11
Dane Whitman (Black Knight) and Topaz, Queen of Gwendor discover and then battle Specimen-13. Topaz is initially knocked unconscious, but she later rejoins the fight. Source: Digital copy of the comic
Nov 16, 2014 0 10
Ultraforce faces off against an Ultraforce from the future. Topaz, Queen of Gwendor is fighting Hellblade when Painkiller intervenes, shooting Topaz and knocking her unconscious. She and Lament, who was defeated earlier, are then 'stasis-cuffed' and brought to a sickbay. Source: Digital copy of the comic
Nov 16, 2014 0 4
Dane Whitman (Black Knight) battles Topaz, Queen of Gwendor. Though both are members of Ultraforce, in this issue the minds of certain Ultra members are affected by a strange condition that makes them hostile. Black Knight eventually outwits Topaz, and knocks his teammate unconscious. Source: Digital copy of the com...
Nov 16, 2014 0 6
When a G.I. Joe convoy transporting the captured Baroness comes under attack, the Baroness escapes into the woods. Due to the ongoing Cobra Civil War, the appearance of some Cobra soldiers is no comfort, and when the Baroness runs into her rival Krake, she ends up knocked out yet again. One of the Cobra soldiers then l...
Nov 14, 2014 1 5
In a battle between the Cobra and G.I. Joe, Roadblock fires a missile that sends the Cobra soldiers running for the hills. The blast knocks the Baroness unconscious, and she is taken into custody. Source: Digital copy of the comic
Nov 14, 2014 4 8
Margot is,as far as I can tell from my challenged French, a young photo model and reporter who has a nose for solving crimes and getting into all sorts of trouble doing so. Here, she is snooping around a garage, and gets overpowered by the villian , who trusses her up and dumps her in a car trunk. Good stuff from Fran...
Nov 09, 2014 2 4
Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) leaves Gotham City to investigate a team known as The Movement. Mistrust on both sides leads to a confrontation in which Batgirl is knocked out. The Movement plans to unmask her, and in classic fashion does so in a contrived way that allows Batgirl to wake up and escape before her identity ...
Nov 04, 2014 2 12
Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) comes home from work, only to find Michael Carter (Booster Gold) and Michelle Carter (Goldstar) in her room. The Carters have encountered an anomaly, a 'ripple in the chronosphere', and to solve this conundrum they need Batman and Batgirl's costumes. Source: Digital copy of the comic
Oct 31, 2014 5 6
Legs Weaver was an Italian series in the 1990's that featured the adventures of Legs, a sexy, Black Widow-style spy , and her special high tech unit. Here, Legs gets the full treatment, but ultimately gets loose... Source: blog
Oct 04, 2014 6 2
Kind of a comedy scene. It's sleeping gas being sprayed in a couple girls' faces and the only way to wake them up is by kissing them.
Sep 28, 2014 3 6
Catwoman attempts to stop Batman from confronting Superman on his own. Batman incapacitates her to make sure she doesn't follow him. Note: the digital edition of the series is numbered differently from the print edition. This scene takes place in #34 of the digital edition. Source: Digital copy of comic
Sep 28, 2014 2 3
During a meeting at Caldwell Tech, Elliot Caldwell orders his assistant Mrs. Waters to take Bruce Wayne into custody. We don't see what happens next, but suffice to say that things don't go as planned. Source: Digital copy of comic
Sep 23, 2014 1 3
Andrea Haggard (Lodestone) and Janice Olivia Yanizeski (Joystick) were members of Crimson Cowl's incarnation of the Masters of Evil. The Thunderbolts defeated the villains, and then assumed their identities for a brief period. Source: Digital copy of comic Source: Digital copy of comic
Sep 21, 2014 2 6
From "Cruise to Nightmare" (Adventures in the DC Universe #3)
Jul 23, 2014 1 6
Miriam C. Cooper, the Cavewoman, is bitten by a venomous spider. She gets cocooned; comes to ; escapes ; and almost gets killed by a whole nest of giant spiders..Klyde the giant ape rides to her rescue. Source: blog
Jul 16, 2014 3 4
Very cool bondage cover from Zenescope.
Jul 06, 2014 6 1
Cute little chloroform scene from a Dick Tracy comic. I love the line: "Meanwhile, Sparkle has come out of her chloroform induced sleep". Alerted by c3c.
Jul 02, 2014 4 4
Vampirella is in the process of being chased. She electrocutes herself in an elevator shaft, and falls down. She knocks herself out.
Jul 02, 2014 3 3
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