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Emi shoots Black Canary with a tranquilizer arrow.
10 hours ago 0 6
Official comic adaptation of the Subzero animated movie. Plot revolves around Mr Freeze kidnapping Barbara Gordon to help cure his wife. The comic cover features Batgirl in peril.
10 hours ago 0 6
Shi is led to a trap and knocked out by a ninja.
10 hours ago 0 5
A teenage sorceress named Jezebelle is knocked out in a fight with some poltergeist agents.
10 hours ago 0 4
Harley Quinn and Devani Kane are captured.
10 hours ago 0 5
Music Meister hypnotizes and renders Supergirl unconscious. Supergirl is played by Melissa Benoist.
11 hours ago 0 4
The CBS 'Supergirl' pilot episode features Supergirl getting knocked out with a Kryptonite dart. Supergirl is played by Melissa Benoist.
11 hours ago 0 3
BBC animated version of an old Doctor Who episode called "The Power of the Daleks". The Doctor's female companion partner is chloroformed.
11 hours ago 0 5
Akari Acura is captured and drugged with a mind controlling chemical. The scene is animated to look like they are 'chloroforming' her. The anime is also called "Chaika the Coffin Princess"
12 hours ago 0 5
In the episode called "The Bridesmaid", Stripperella comes face to face with a villainess who kidnaps grooms from weddings. Stripperella fights The Bridesmaid, but gets knocked out with sleeping gas from a bouquet of flowers.
12 hours ago 1 5
From "Beauty and the Obese" part 2. Stripperella has discovered Doctor Cesarean's evil plot, but he knocks her out with sleeping gas before she can do anything. Stripperella was created by Stan Lee, and the character is voiced by Pamela Anderson.
12 hours ago 0 6
Wonder Woman defeats Silver Swan in a tough fight.
13 hours ago 1 5
Ana Ishikawa 'Shi', is knocked unconscious by some ninjas.
1 day ago 0 3
Magdalena carried unconscious by Dracula on the cover. In the story, Magdalena fights Dracula, and gets knocked out. Dracula bites her on the neck.
1 day ago 0 6
Some sexy sleepy scenes from this comic.
1 day ago 0 5
The cover of this issue depicts Emma Frost carrying an unconscious X-23 (Laura Kinney). In the background is a menacing sentinel.
1 day ago 0 2
Starfire isn't able to draw enough light energy and faints. There are some nicely drawn unconscious shots of her!
1 day ago 1 5
The splash page depicts Starfire unconscious in Robin's arms. The first issue has numerous panels with Starfire unconscious and captured.
1 day ago 1 7
Ryota cradle carries a sleeping Himiko on this manga cover.
2 days ago 0 2
A cute girl named Nahato Kira gets kidnapped.
2 days ago 1 4
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