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This classic storyline continues, with Diamondback fainting after dislocating her shoulder. Then she is captured by a friendly Mummy.
2 hours ago 0 N/A
Poor Diamondback is really being put through the mill in this storyline. Here she is injured, knocked out, drowning, carried, awakens, then falls into a snake infested pit. They really don't make 'em like this anymore.
2 hours ago 0 N/A
Another great issue. The unconscious Diamondback, in her tattered costume, is in need of constant rescuing by Cap. He carries her to safety. Later she goes off on a scuba mission.
3 hours ago 0 N/A
A good issue. Diamondback is rescued from the box she was put into last issue, then she is knocked out in a parachute fall, and finally by a blow dart. And her costume is suffering more and more damage...
3 hours ago 0 N/A
First Diamond is knocked out and thrown into a box. Then Cap ko's a bunch of henchgirls and Mother Night.
3 hours ago 0 N/A
Black mamba is in trouble and Lady Bullseye is hospitalised.
4 hours ago 0 N/A
Diamondback is KO'd off panel, and shoulder carried. Viper is also unconscious.
8 hours ago 0 N/A
Black mamba and Coachwhip are knocked out in this disappointing scene.
9 hours ago 0 N/A
Dagger recovers from her KO in New Warriors # 34.
9 hours ago 0 N/A
Dagger is knocked out.
10 hours ago 0 N/A
Brock Sampson lifts Molotov Cocktease over his head, about to throw her into the plane engine. he is stopped by colonel gathers and he throws the suit instead (that has the same frame as Molotov) Source:
23 hours ago 0 4
Red gets drugged by Johnny Alpha.
1 day ago 0 2
Aspen lies unconscious on the beach.
1 day ago 0 1
Viper is KO'd.
5 days ago 0 2
Crysal and Sersi get zapped. This seems to be Sersi's first appearance on this site.
5 days ago 0 1
In the days when Marvel comics were fun, Captain America and Paladin struggle into Black Mamba and Asp's costumes while they take costumes from fallen henchgirls. Mamba and some henchgirls get blasted.
5 days ago 0 7
Moonstone is KO'd and an unconscious & drowning Diamondback is rescued.
Dec 10, 2017 1 7
Diamondback recovers after being shot in the last issue.
Dec 10, 2017 0 3
Diamondback is shot, but only knocked out as she is wearing body armour.
Dec 10, 2017 0 1
No actual KO, but Diadmond battles Black Widow.
Dec 10, 2017 0 4
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