Patreon September 2018 Update

Aug 21, 2018 03:06 AM

My Patreon page has been up for about two months, and I'm seeing a good response. So far, 24 fans have signed up! I'm producing original artwork just for these Patrons, which you can see in the preview image above.

Patreon is my way of connecting better with fans of my work. I'm taking requests from Patrons, and turning them into artwork. Seeing more activity on Patreon will motivate me more to produce more art and update has been a central part of my life for the last 12 years. I've spent countless months developing the site, cataloging scenes and producing original artwork. I recognize that I share a common bond with the thousands of sleepy fans who visit this site. At one point in our lives, we all thought we were the only person in the world who had this fetish. We are a small group of people, who will likely remain anonymous forever online. I continue running this site because I want people to know they are not alone.

Thanks for your support!

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Aug 09, 2019
Dont where to write it so Ill write it here: Cant find some of my favorites scenes (from tranqdowner or smt) (even user uploading them seem missing). where they deleted? also I remember the random generator been there. is it missing as well?

Aug 10, 2019
@leonardino : You can get a random scene by clicking the 'Random' button in the top right corner.

As for Tranqdowner's content, I removed it due to it not being of high enough quality.


Sep 02, 2019
@Red : thanks! Ill try that button!
As fir tranqdowner content.. would it be possible to get it privately?