Banned from DeviantArt

Mar 14, 2024 05:21 AM

Ughhhhh...this sucks. Around noon today, I got an email from DeviantArt saying they suspended my account. Violated their policies...something like that. I submitted an appeal and was informed that my situation was ineligible for appeal.
I'm trying to move past it, but I'll be honest...losing that account hurts. I had my entire 15 year art career history on that site. All the posts, comments, faves, notes...gone in an instant.

I get it...I'm on their platform and I abide by their rules. But I had invested years of time and energy into building that page, even recently celebrating 9000 watchers. My trust is completely shattered.

This event has forced me to revisit my old site...this one, I've updated the art gallery to release my public pieces.

I also have a Pixiv,Twitter, and Patreon account. My fanfictions are on AO3. I'm on Discord under the username sleepycomics. My email is red at Hopefully I'm okay elsewhere (but you never know...)
Please reach out! I'm very nice.

I'm taking some time to grieve, but I shouldn't be going anywhere. I have too many sleepy peril art ideas to draw. Thanks a lot everyone for your support over the years!

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Apr 28, 2024
This sucks indeed:(
I am sad to hear this news, a huge loss for the community there, and hope that things get better for you.

Love your work and this site.


May 12, 2024
@EmilNAL : Yeah it was such a random and pointless ban. Everything deleted for nothing.

Appreciate the comment!


Jun 07, 2024
man, that sucks. Yeah, it's always good to have a backup.