Okay, I guess this site really isn't shutting down...

Apr 01, 2007 04:26 PM | 6
...because it's April Fool's day! Did you guys really think I would close this site after all the hard work I put into it? Of course not!
Honestly, I didn't think many people would believe me because my explaination was so silly. At least I now know people care about me!

I love this site too much to stop updating it. It's just getting hard to find stuff, but that could change. I just need more good scene alerts to act on. I don't act on every alert, only the ones that I feel are worth it.

Sorry if I caused any emotional trauma for anyone. It will be interesting to see how many clips were downloaded from my site today.

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Apr 03, 2007 01:11 AM | 0

I just wanted to share this scene from Hawkgirl #62 with you. It's part of my latest update, just a few random scenes here and there. I want point out that Hawkgirl issues 57,58,61, and now 62 all had KO scenes. I think Hawkgirl meets Batman in issue 63, so who knows what will happen? When you do this long enough you start to notice patterns in the comics industry. I wouldn't be surprised if comic writers out there had a sleepy fascination. I wonder what comic writers and artists would think about my site?

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Apr 06, 2007 12:58 AM | 0
Okay, added some more finds. Some good KOs in the Defenders, Ms. Marvel and DC Fifty-Two among others. I'm starting to raise my standards when it comes to an acceptable KO scene. I really want to keep the quality up there but I'm letting too much garbage pass through. I don't want this site to become c3c where they post every single bondage scene they can find in comics, no matter how small or insignificant it is. c3c does send me a lot of KO scenes though and I am very grateful for that.

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Darker than Black Chloro

Apr 07, 2007 10:46 PM | 7

I just saw one of the best anime clips ever. It was posted on AVGDID by Lost One Zero and I just had to share it with you all. In the clip a lady is handgagged and then chloroformed. The first time however, she doesn't fall asleep. There is a second scene where she is chloroformed and this time she does get knocked out. This was such an exciting clip to see. I posted it in the clips page.

You may have noticed that I changed the layout of the video clips section. No longer is everything displayed in a grid. I created a separate database just to manage all my clips. When you click on a clip name it takes you to a new page that displays more information and a download link. I think this will make it easier to find what you want. It also makes it easier for me to manage. Hope you like it! Enjoy the new clip, it is so fucking good.

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More Original Art

Apr 09, 2007 11:13 PM | 2
I love this artist. He has drawn so much sleepy art recently it is ridiculous. He goes by the pseudonym Animeeny and he frequents the AVGDID boards a lot. He sent me a set of drawings of a girl getting chloroformed. You really have to check it out in the original art page. Even though they are rough sketches, they are still outstanding drawings. I posted his email on that page too so you can send him comments or even requests. The more comments you send him, the more likely he will continue drawing sleepy art. Meanwhile, I am still trying to get my brother to draw me something.

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Small update

Apr 13, 2007 10:38 PM | 0

Okay I updated the site again. Look in the recently added comics page to see what I added. I also added a handful of new video clips from Witchblade, Street Fighter II, Virtua Fighter and Stratos 4. I also added a classic Fantastic Four clip. The place where I host my clips just increased its quota to 800 MB. I currently have 71 clips and about 488 MB of free space. I have several options here. I could host only new clips that have never been posted before, basically what I'm doing right now. I could also start posting old clips that you have all seen before, kind of like an archive. The problem is, I don't think anyone would download old clips because, well, everyone has seen them already. What do you think?

Anyway, funny little story in my comics class. Someone did a brief presentation on guess what comic? Ruse #8!!!! The eigth issue of Ruse has one of the greatest chloros in the history of comics, and there it was on the big screen. Wow, when was the last time you got to see a chloro in a classroom? Life's awesome. I'm going to write my paper on bondage in comics.

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I'm Making a few Changes

Apr 16, 2007 05:28 PM | 0

Sorry everyone for screwing up the site recently. I'm going to make some drastic changes to the site layout (I know, I know, I've changed it enough already). In the next few days, some things on this site might not function properly. Don't worry, all the content will still be here.

If you look to your left you should see a navigation panel. That's where you will find all the links from now on. I made the links smaller and more compact so I could fit more into the panel. I am also integrating this blog into the site layout so everything is uniform for the first time ever!

Somethings that are currently missing are comments and the blog archive. Hopefully I will be able to bring those back shortly. If you want to send me a comment, email me or use the scene alert form.

Also if you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me. I want to make my site look as best as possible.

You may have also noticed something else new: ads. It was all my idea. I will try to keep them as unintrusive as possible, and I hope they don't bother anybody. If you see something that interests you (like those sex offender ads), feel free to check it out. But please don't overclick those ads, or Google will ban me for click fraud. I hope in a few days the ads will become more relevant.
Well, that's it for now and once I fix this site I will find more stuff to post.

I added one more series of comic scans from Batman and the Outsiders. It's a sleeping gas scene involving Katana. Enjoy!

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Virginia Tech Tragedy

Apr 17, 2007 11:37 AM | 5

Unbelievable, what just happened at Virginia Tech. It's so insensible for someone to do such a terrible thing. I cannot even imagine the pain and sorrow the people at the VT campus are feeling. Many of the victims were young and had so much to live for. There have been so many school shootings in the past year, the recent one being the worst ever.

As a college student I can relate to the events in VT. A couple years ago my very own campus experienced a shooting, where one person died. It can happen anywhere.

I don't find my particular campus to be very safe. Recently my room mate was robbed at 7:00 PM, when it was still light outside. Of course I have never experienced anything as horrific as the VT massacre, so I guess I can consider myself lucky. I give my condolences to the victims of this American tragedy.

Well, back to business. I updated the Doujinshi, Original Art and Assorted pages. The original art I added is a piece by Suicide, whose site can be found at www.trifecta3.net. I found a nice She-Hulk knockout in Fantastic Four #280. I was debating whether this was a gas scene or not, but in the end I classified it as a suffocation. She gets the air taken away from her causing her to fall asleep.

I added a brand new video clip from an anime called El Cazador de la bruja. It's a brief clip of a girl getting gassed. I thought it was pretty good. It's in the clips section so get it while it's hot!

My comments system is working now. I changed it so that all you need is a nickname; you don't need to enter your email anymore. I figured I'd get more comments this way (and more spam). I still have to approve comments before they appear.

I also added the blog archives section, where the archives are divided into months. You can find all the pages on the left panel, under the giant sex offender ads that Google loves to give me. I'm giving those ads two weeks and if they don't change I will be really really mad.

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Great Elisa Dart Scene

Apr 20, 2007 01:23 AM | 3
Okay, another big update. First and foremost, I added like 12 video clips. Some are new and some are clips you've all seen before. My favorite of the batch is a scene from the cartoon Gargolyes. I love how the very hot Elisa is beating all those ninjas and is then suddently knocked out with a dart. It just makes the scene so much better because a woman of power is taken down. Between the Kong dart clip and this one, I'd have to say Elisa wins.

I updated Original Art with a cool drawing by Lost One Zero.

I added two scenes to the comics database. One was from a graphic novel called "How to Make Money Like a Porn Star". There is a funny story behind this particular scene. I went to my library looking for this book. The library catalog said it was available, but I couldn't find it at all. I even called a librarian to help me find it but she said it wasn't there. So I put a hold on the book in case it happened to turn up. Well yesterday it turned up and was sent to the library in my hometown. Luckily, my brother happens to work at my hometown library so I asked him to get the book for me. I then asked my brother to look for the drugged drink scene and scan it for me!!!! This book is supposedly full of nudity but my brother scanned it anyway. I had to edit out the nudity because well, I don't want to get in trouble. My brother is not into this niche at all but it's cool how he is willing to help me. Now if only I can get some more original art from him...

The other comic scan I added is from Wonder Woman #14. I got it in an email from c3c. I saw what appeared to be a chloro scene. Boy was I happy because I haven't found a comic book chloro in months! Problem is, you don't see the girl fall asleep, but she does end up in some good bondage. Okay, that's all for today, enjoy.

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Renaissance; Sola; Sharon Carter KO

Apr 22, 2007 12:36 AM | 2

Updated the site again. Have you guys caught on to my update frequency yet? You can literally just sit there and refresh the page and you will see changes to the site. I am constantly adding stuff to the database and tweaking the layout.

Yesterday I recieved the most unique visitors ever, probably as a result of my massage video clips barrage. Over 1,220 visitors in 24 hours. Now if I can make that the average daily traffic, man this site will be huge.

Anyway, someone on the Chloroforum alerted me to a scene in the French animated film "Renaissance" (2006). I saw the trailer and there was a brief handgag. I examined it further and I saw a little cloth so I determined that this was most likely a chloro. I obtained the film and found the scene. It looks like we have a winner! I added the movie clip this morning. It's a decent scene with a nice wake up. I mean what can I say, the French love their chloros.

Added movie clips for Ayashi no Ceres, another Gargoyles scene (Elisa), Dragonball, Fantastic Four, and Tenchi Universe. That brings the total video clip count to 90. Depending on the file size, I can add another 100-150 video clips. The amazing thing is that you can download all these clips for free as many times as you want, at megabit speeds, with no bandwith limit. When was the last time you could do that on ANY site?

I'm currently looking for this scene in the anime Sola episode 03. The episode just aired today so I will have to wait a day or two before I can obtain the episode. This scene looks really promising!

I added four more comic scenes bringing the total count of female KOs to 1,062. Slumberville has 1,242 scenes. I need you guys to send me comic book scenes so that I can beat out the Slumberville database. I only need 180 scenes to officially have the largest sleepy database on the internet. We can do this guys!!

My current favorite comic book scene is in Marvel Legends #4 UK (2007). The scene involves the very hot Sharon Carter getting hit on the head and falling unconscious. Yeah, very typical scene, but I thought it was five star quality.

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'Sola' scene a dud ; Record Breaking Traffic

Apr 24, 2007 12:22 AM | 2
Time for more updates. I updated the comics database, video clips, original art, and 'still searching' pages. That Sola ep 3 anime scene I was so hyped for turned out to be the biggest disappointment ever. I added the clip to the site anyway because the girl makes some nice mmmphs and it resembles a chloro. I mean most anime now is pretty much devoid of any chloro. I got an alert that this show called 'Reporter Blues' has a lot of chloros, but I don't know which episodes. Anyone know? And what the heck is in Lupin III ep 119 and 127?

Added three more comic scenes to the database thanks to Yatsabel. I need everyone to send me whatever they can so I can surpass the Slumberville sleepy database in size. My God, 1378 unique visitors today. That's another new record.

So I have to write a paper and do a presentation on comic book bondage. That's going to be fun. My main idea is that bondage has played a huge role in the expansion of the comic book industry. If you read comic encyclopedias, you will find that bondage is almost never talked about despite being in almost every comic in the Golden Age. The only time bondage is ever mentioned is when people talk about Wonder Woman, because she is the most knocked out/tied up character in comics. Lois Lane comes in second and Black Canary third.

In recent years, bondage in comics has sharply declined. I know this because I have seen almost everything from the Golden Age to today. In 2007 your chances of finding bondage in a comic book is very small. This is bad, not only for this website but for the entire industry in general. You see, comics are predominantly marketed towards men. I read on Wikipedia that 75% of men find bondage erotic. I believe that the recent empowerment of women has subconsciously caused comic sales to die down. I may be wrong, but it's just a theory. I'll write more later.

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Chloro Scene in D. Gray-Man ep 30 Confirmed

Apr 25, 2007 05:51 PM | 0

I just watched a preview for the anime D. Gray-Man episode 30. In the preview a cute nurse gets chloroformed! Someone alerted me to it a couple days ago and today I confirmed it. I made a clip of the preview. It's a really short clip but this scene looks good!

I added a bunch of old clips, bringing the current video count to 100! I'm starting to post clips almost as frequently as comic scans.

I updated original art too. I added a bunch of comic scans, so check those out. Visit my recently added page to see all the newest comic scans.

Well, that's all the updates for now. This site is growing like mad. I now get 1000 uniques everyday.

Cross your fingers for that new anime chloro scene that is about to air!!!!

Oh, and about this Italian/Japanese anime called "Reporter Blues". I cannot find ANY info on it on the internet. In fact, searching for "Reporter Blues episodes" turns up my website! There is one site that gives brief episode synopses.
I don't believe this, it looks like it would be a popular show. I am currently trying to obtain episodes 7 and 8 because I have strong reason to believe they could contain chloros.

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Best Day Ever! "Reporter Blues" and "Lupin III" Chloros Found

Apr 26, 2007 09:35 PM | 1

I am starting to notice that I post clips almost as frequently as comics scans now. Guys, don't forget that I always post comic scans when I find them, despite the fact that I sometimes don't announce it. I found some really awesome stuff lately, so visit Recently Added to see what's new.

Okay, it's official: Tony from Reporter Blues is my new favorite cartoon damsel. This chloro scene was such a lucky find. It was in episode #7. When I saw it this morning I was screaming with joy, it was so good. The thing I like about this cartoon is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Before the chloro, the henchmen tried other comedic ways to capture Tony. They failed, but it was funny. Then Tony begins her female domination and starts kicking the thug's asses. I love it when the girl is strong and confident right before she is knocked out, it just adds so much to the scene. Anyway, Tony does not see the thug behind her with the chloroform soaked cloth. The struggle is good, but the fumes cause her to pass out in the man's arms. They carry Tony into the car and we get some nice sleepy shots of her. It's just the greatest scene. I expect this to be downloaded 1000 times in 24 hours, or else I will be disappointed.

My second surprise find came when I checked out Lupin III S2 episode 127. I found a Fujiko chloroforming that I've never seen before. And it was good!!! The scene was 100 times better than the chloro in episode 119, which I also posted. In episode 127, Fujiko ends up in some nice bondage. Download the clip, it's a really good chloro scene. Combine today's update with the brief scene from D. Gray-Man episode 30, and you have one hell of a chloro update!

That's not all. There's still the comics. I added scans from Fathom, World's Finest 252, Fantastic Four 323, Ghost in the Shell, Gargoyles, Spiderwoman, Styke Force and Demonwars. Also, since our comic class is over, I took back an entire box of random comics! It was so heavy, I couldn't feel my arms by the time I got back to my dorm. There's got to be at least 100+ comics in here. I'll keep you posted on what I find!

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'Reporter Blues' ep 8 chloro; 150+ Comic Book Search

Apr 27, 2007 10:18 PM | 3

I just posted another "Reporter Blues" chloroform scene. This one is from episode 8, immediately following the chloroforming in episode 7. The scene doesn't involve Tony though. A lady gets chloroformed and tied up. I included all the bondage in the clip for all those DiD enthusiasts.
This makes what, five chloroform scenes I found in the last 3 days? Incredible.

I updated the Doujinshi page (a section I hardly update) with a nice chloroform/injection and gas scene donated by the webmaster of Laughing Gas Zone.

Remember how I said I hauled back to my room a whole box of comics? I stayed up until 3:00 AM to flip through all 150+ comics. The finds were okay, nothing too special. My favorite KO was in Alpha Flight #2, when a cute Asian girl gets shoved into a wall and falls unconscious. She is then carried around. Added some other comic scans from Ex-Mutants, Lobo Annual, She-Hulk, Ruse and Captain Marvel.

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Another Reason Why RE4 is the Best Game

Apr 30, 2007 12:45 AM | 8

I want to thank the person who alerted me to the Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong dart scene (found only in the PS2 version, although I believe the Wii version will also have this scene). I played the Gamecube RE4 and it's like one of my favorite games, but I can't believe I missed out on this incredible dart scene! This game has so much violence, with people getting shots, blown up and decapitated, yet the writers decided to balance out the violence with an elegant tranquilizer dart KO with none other than the sexy Ada Wong. F--ing brilliant.

So I updated the video clips, doujinshi and assorted pages. I found a decent Starfire faint scene in DC Fifty Two #51. Seems the only decent chloro scenes are in doujins these days. Western comic book writers have all but forgotten about this wonderful KO method.

I changed my title bar to have a bound and gagged girl in the background. I was tired of seeing the lame "crumpled paper" background that I randomly found on the internet and thought would be make my site look cool. If I have time I might make the title bar change for different pages.

So I got my brother to watch the Wonder Woman Fausta chloroform scene on Youtube. I hoped that showing him the greatest chloro ever would convert him, but he ended up being indifferent. That's what I find so be so strange about my fascination; a chloro scene is like gold to me, but for someone else it's nothing. One day I will make my brother like sleepy scenes.

I have to admit, I am a little disappointed. Not about my brother, but about another issue. It's probably no big deal, but I feel like I am being ignored. I just posted five never before seen chloro scenes on the Chloroforum and got a combined total of two comments. Someone else posts a lame drugged drink scene and gets more comments. I know there isn't much to say except "nice clip", but I wanted to see more of a response. For that great Reporter Blues chloro, I had to do a lot of research to find out the exact episode it was in. I send out e-mails and post on anime forums to get information. The clip gets downloaded 500+ times, and I get almost no response for what will probably go down as one of the greatest animated chloro scenes of all time. Does this mean I will stop making clips? Hell no, because I love seeing girls get put to sleep. I just feel that for all my efforts I should deserve a little more credit. Is there something about me that you people don't like?

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