Not much is going on

Sep 08, 2007 08:31 PM | 8
There has been a huge dry spell lately. I am not finding as much stuff as before. Here is an interesting set of scans I found recently, from something called "The Agencies". It has to do with the tickling fetish (something I'm not really into):

Yeah, pretty cool.

I've met a lot of new girls lately. On Wednesday two girls came over to my club. One of them was really cute and the other one was really fat. The fat girl could totally see that I was flirting with the cute one. The fat girl even says "he's ignoring me!". Strangely enough though, I think the fat girl actually kind of liked me, which is scary. I talked with the cute girl, but she didn't seem that interested in me.

Then on Thursday, I was sitting by myself in a cafe when this girl approached me. She asked what my name was. The reason she approached me was because I was actually in one of her classes in high school. I barely recognized her, but I finally realized who she was. I offered to take her food back to her room, and then she gave me her number. Tight.

Finally, on Friday I met yet ANOTHER girl. I was in the cafeteria when I saw a girl sitting by herself.  I took initiative and sat next to her. We talked for about half an hour. She seemed to take a liking to me.

So basically, I'm starting to be more assertive. I hope I can see some good results in time.

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Added Some Stuff

Sep 10, 2007 11:13 PM | 0
There's this really good sleeping gas scene in She-Hulk #21, and a good drugging in Ms. Marvel #19. I added those scenes to the DB. I also added some pics to the "girls gallery". Not much is going on though.

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I Got a Number

Sep 14, 2007 12:43 AM | 4
Another little update to the database. Two nice head KO's from a series called "Chastity", contributed by c3c. There's some bondage in them too.

Okay, a little update on my situation. Remember R.E., the girl who really seemed to dig me? I met her again on Tuesday. It was a little weird. I first bumped into her while walking down the street (it was also really crowded at the time). I chatted with her briefly. Then she walked ahead of me and seemed to start talking to some other guy. I couldn't tell though, but at the time I thought she might have already had a boyfriend. That would have been a real bummer.

Anyway, she shows up at the club meeting on time, but she doesn't feel very well. So she basically gave me her phone number. I'll repeat. I did NOT ask for her phone number, she just spontaneously offered it to me. After that, she left.

Okay, to sum it all up: R.E. walks ALL the way to the club meeting despite not feeling well. She then gives me her phone number (and even hints that we should hang out sometime). Then she leaves and walks all the way back to her place.

I called her twice so far. I think soon I can ask her out on a date, or at least hangout at her place. It's amazing how much can happen in one semester.

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A Question

Sep 18, 2007 12:24 AM | 8
I thought of an interesting hypothetical question to ask all you sleepy enthusiasts. Suppose scientists discovered a "cure" for the sleepy fetish. If you are cured, you no longer get turned on seeing females KO'd. If such a cure existed, would you take it? If given the choice, would you lose your sleepy fetish?

I think about this sometimes, and every time my answer has been "no". The truth is, this fetish has become a part of who I am. If I were to lose it, I would lose a huge chunk of my identity. I just love it so much! What do you guys think about this?

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Some new scans; Update on Life

Sep 19, 2007 10:05 PM | 10
A friend sent me some cool comic scans. They've been added to the database. There's a chloro scene, and some druggings. I updated the scans for Champions #6 to include more detail. That brings the total sleepy scene count to 1299.

Okay, so a little update on me and that girl. Yesterday I managed to find R.E. and eat lunch with her. That was one week after she spontaneously gave me her phone number. So I eat lunch with her and we talk about random stuff. She seems to like my company and feels comfortable around me. Later on in the day, I meet her at the club. We talk some more. Around 8:30 PM we leave and go back to her place. We share an alcoholic drink (a Smirnoff) while she shows me Youtube videos of cool stuff. I begin to touch her more, like put my hand on her shoulder or rub against her. She doesn't seem to care. We then play some Guitar Hero and Katamari Damacy. She even sings in front of me, which means she must feel REALLY comfortable around me because she supposedly never sings in front of other people. R.E. has a good voice too. Around 11:30 pm, I leave her place. I stroked her hair but didn't find the nerve to actually kiss her. I don't know, there just wasn't a good opportunity (yeah I know, laugh at me).

So yeah, I am about 99% sure this girl likes me. Like pretty much all doubt in my mind about this girl was erased yesterday. I seriously lucked out big time. I'm still playing it slow right now. Like I didn't see her today. I will hopefully see her tomorrow. My short term goal right now, is to somehow kiss her but I have zero experience with that. If I can do that I will be a whole new man.

P.S.: No stupid comments "little bear".

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