The situation with Megaupload ( and other FS sites)

Jan 24, 2012 08:18 PM | 2
So as you have all probably heard by now, Megaupload has just been shutdown. This has caused a bunch of other file sharing sites to shutdown their services as well. The unspoken truth is, the content on this site was sort of dependent on those services.

I don't want to sound alarmist, but I think this means we may have to change our ways. It may mean less of a focus on published material. Maybe it means I will have to dive full time into making original content.

Recently I've begun to feel that we are reaching the point of diminishing returns. Every new sleepy scene....just doesn't have that impact anymore. Sure, there's that rare scene that excites everyone...but those come every once in a while. A lot of scenes, are just "so so", nothing special. We don't need to hunt down *every single* scene in the world. It's just not feasible, and it cheapens what we already have.

So my advice, while the whole internet world goes into chaos, is to just appreciate what we have now. Look through all the old scenes and revel in what we've accomplished. There's plenty of material to last a lifetime.

This does not mean I plan on shutting down. I am making sure I have backups of everything just in case...and you guys should make backups of your favorite scenes as well!

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