Year end review

Dec 28, 2011 06:31 PM | 1
Hi all, so this is my 2011 year end review. I'm personally pleased with all the scenes people have been uploading. Some really good scenes have been found! I am not searching comics like I used to. There's simply too much to process. I might take a look at a few comics per week, that's it.

Some of my favorite scenes recently have been:
Justice League Internation v3 #3: It has such a sexy last panel, with the two heroines being carried away unconscious.
Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #3: This is a great female on female injection scene, with panels showing a pass out and some uniform stealing.
milk purin 1gata: Yeah I know, it's form an H-manga, but this is where the bulk of the chloroform scenes are coming from! Check out the source website, they post new content every day. Just be careful not to post anything too sexually explicit here.

I also want to apologize in advance if I don't approve your scene. Usually I do that if the scans are no good, or if the scene doesn't fit the theme of this site. I want to try to keep the quality high. Try to make sure there's either a substantial sleepy or bondage element before uploading. If there's only one panel, and it's insignificant, it's probably not worth it right now.

Thanks again, and have a Happy New Year!

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