Comic Book/Manga resources - How you can help!

Apr 23, 2011 06:47 PM | 3
Just updated the site with a whole bunch of scenes I had stock piled up. We're up to, 6,190 some scenes now? Thanks to everyone who uploaded scenes in the past few months, you've kept the site going while I took a break.

I recently got interested in this site again, and even made a small improvement to the frontpage (do you like it?).

Right now, I'm so busy with work that I can't really search comics as much. Even my art career has slowed to a halt.

But you can help! There are virtually unlimited comics to search. While I don't condone the downloading of comics, for the purpose of finding sleepy scenes I don't think there's another way. Buying comics is simply too inefficient. But if you enjoy comics, please support the industry!
Anyway, here are places as of April 2011 that you can find comics/manga:
* - this site is badass. Has thousands of Japanese Raw manga scans. Lots of dead links. I have checked maybe 0.5% of this site.
* - Golden Age comic downloads. A very good resource for old U.S. comics. Still lots to be discovered.
* - Current Dutch comics repository.
* - fun little site I found today. If you like Sonic The Hedgehog, there might be something here.
* - hasn't been updated in a while. Mostly U.S. comics from 2009.
* - WARNING, Hentai site. Good source for druggings, chloroform scenes. You must weed through a lot of smut, but you get used to it. The great thing is, all their manga is tagged so searching is very easy. I still find stuff everyday.
* For comics published 2011 and beyond, it's not hard to find resources. "My Comic Post" is a good one.

Remember, before adding a scene to, check to make sure I don't have it already (a simple search should suffice). That way we avoid duplicates.


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