An update after a long hiatus; Halo 3 Taking over my life.

Oct 02, 2007 12:16 AM
I updated the database with three KO scenes. Yeah, there is hardly anything showing up and I've been kind of lazy. There is an interesting "close-call" chloro scene that I put in the miscellaneous pictures section. I also added some images to the comic girls section as well. Yeah, not a big update, but I did reach 1302 scenes total today.

A lot of you guys are probably thinking I made out with R.E. during the last couple weeks. Well, things got a little complicated. Yes, we hung out a lot. She came over to my place and I went over to hers. We talked a lot, we ate lunch together. She called me multiple times. It sounds like we are a couple, but here's the thing: R.E. already has a boyfriend. So, why the heck is she hanging out with me all the time? Well her boyfriend lives in New Jersey and we are both in Ohio. Me and her are the best of friends right now, and that's probably as close as it will get. Every time I try to make an advance on her (such as holding her hand, feeling her hair, etc) she will always seem unsure, as if she shouldn't dishonor her boyfriend. So basically there is zero chance of me making out with her. My guess is that she is really lonely on campus so she wants a male companion to keep her company. Who knows though. When a guy and a girl spend a lot of time together, they can become really attracted to each other.

I just got a new video game. It's Halo 3. It's fucking awesome. I've been playing this game nonstop since I got it Friday. Online play is so much fun. If anyone who is reading this plays Halo 3, we need to exchange gamertags and find each other online.

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Oct 02, 2007
My analysis is this: High school sweethearts almost inevitably drift apart when they separate for college.

She is torn between loyalty and moving on with a new guy as she has academically. Maybe not an exclusive boyfriend, but a clean break from the old one.

But she wants a guy who will take matters in hand and sort of swep her off her feet. You seem to be a prime candidate, but if you don't make a mo9ve she'll find a guy who will, then you'll be trapped in "friend" mode forever.

You have to take the initiative. Don't be too pushy, but make lots of eye contact and sometime soon try for the kiss. If she pushes away don't force it, but keep trying again at reasonable intervals. Don't cry or act weak when she pushes you away. She will, at first, because she's fighting that loyalty thing. Be casual, show interest, but strength. It's not the end of the world if you don't snag her today. That strength will attract her.

Hey, you might end up just friends regardless. But if you're interested in more and don't make your try, you're going to kick yourself when another guy on campus swoops in and gets her.

Worst-case, you remain friends. just don't pitch a fit if she doesn't want to have sex. At the same time, if that IS your main interest and she turns you down in a persistent way, then keep it as a casual friendship and move on in your hunt for a girlfriend.

Just my opinion, your milage may vary...


Oct 02, 2007
well im ignorant about the educational system is there in USA but i have to admit that sedative may be right after reading his comment. he explains it very well that inevitablely you'll be forced to end up being friends cause you bouth must keep studing! I dont ever had any girlfriend so i cant tell you what to do in front of her but since you are still in game you can try your shot! you like her she responds to that and you above all think that she likes you so why dont you make the first move? (soz to be part of pressure but you 2 have some chemistry together!) if you dont, like sedative said, youll end up being only friends and thats the worst case that can happen, but if you try and take that shot that frightens you and it will frighten my when my time comes it can be the turning of the tide and the end of all doubts!

Oct 02, 2007
lol, Stop playing halo 3 and get start studying for the midterms!

PS: I am a retard.


Oct 02, 2007
My advice is to be patient and consider what you want in the relationship. A college fling or something more? Is her friendship now worth risking.

For now, enjoy what you have and see what develops.

Find out how she feel about her boyfriend.

Do they talk alot on the phone or online. Does she have a picture or jewelry he gave her. Does he come to visit her or does she go to see him?

If they were really close she'd spend her free time talking with him.

All and all, good luck my friend.


Oct 03, 2007
Sedative is only somewhat correct.

His analysis is a very broad one. That is to say, what he's making is a generalization that is more than likely true based on what we all know about the opposite sex and the makings of a relationship.

The problem is that such a strong-arm tactic leaves a large window for failure, and the worst case scenario will NOT be that you two simply remain friends. Rather, it will be that the friendship will end because she feels threatened by a forced move, may feel that all you were after was a girlfriend -- or a bit of tail -- and did not care to be a friend and this will translate to insult, or is afraid that entering into a relationship with you, if not completely set on her terms, will end up being a bad idea.

He is correct in advising that you must not be forceful. He is also correct in his analysis that a high school love is more than likely fated to burn out once the parties have moved to college. What has not been mentioned, however, is that when a relationship is forced to be long-distance, especially with the distance "R.E." has with her boyfriend, the chances of the relationship ending before long is very high. Especially considering the fact that she is now in college and considering her future, and will be surrounded by many capable suitors who are more than willing to share her future (yourself included, of course).

The only thing you can do right now is bide your time. Stay her friend and spend as much time with her as possible. Your "advances", however slight they may be, have been met with hesitation and unwillingness on her end, so I would advise you not to make any unneccesary moves yet. Treat her as a friend and nothing more, but always listen for news about her lover in New Jersey. Simply being a close enough friend will allow you to be privy to any major news between the two of them, so you shouldn't be wanting for information. You're going to need to take a passive-aggressive approach with "R.E.". That is to say, you should capitalize on any worthwhile opportunities that you can, but let her stay in the driver's seat. Remember, it takes two people to have a relationship. If she is not on board, then you stand at great risk to end it all.

But in the meantime, you have options.

You're in college right now, my friend. This is the time in your life when potential love interests are abundant and willing. Hormones are still raging and everyone still has their youths to spend. If "R.E." falls through, you are waist-deep in opportunity. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say.

That being said, your duty now is to get to know "R.E." as much as possible. Spend a lot of time with her, and get to know every in-and-out about her personality that you can. Delve deeper than the mundane things like "likes", "dislikes", and "interests". Study her quirks and small nuances of character. Do all this by day, and absorb them by night. Imagine yourself in a relationship with her once you've picked up on all these things, and compare how she would act, in all her small, subconscious ways, with how you'd act and live. Very often, we can become so blinded by attraction and infatuation that we forget to factor how life would be in a relationship after the "honeymoon" phase. You, then, must be a step ahead of the game. Think very carefully and deeply about how compadible you two are on the surface level, then how much you are in the small, everyday things, and how you would spend your days waking up beside her (no pun or innuendo intended). You may or may not find that a relationship with her may be more disasterous than you originally thought. In that case, you have the option of walking away, and remaining nothing more as friends.

But if you continue to feel that a relationship with her is what you want, then you must wait for your moment. You're going to have to do a lot of feeling out. Do not take initiatives by force with her. Rather, you will know when the time is right to make your advances with her -- when to hold her hand, when to spend those extra hours with her, etc. -- and move beyond the friendship phase. This girl seems to like you, and by that token you will have opportunity to take her when she is free from her other man. Moreover, you are in a prime position to be the next up when it ends. Simply be with her, listen to her, and be aware when her moods change, or when her previous relationship shifts. If you simply remain a good friend and aware of your surroundings, you will know when to make your move.

But I would also like to say this: do not be afraid of failure. You will come to find that all things seem to happen for a reason, and moreover, that all things seem to turn out for the best. As long as you do not let opportunities pass and you're smart in your endeavors, fate (if you'd like to believe in such things) has a funny tendency of looking out for you. Do not be discouraged if, after all is said and done, you do not get "R.E.". Simply trust that not getting her was for the best, and move on. When the next love interest comes, and your efforts bear fruit, you will see that all was for the best.

But until then, my strategies will endeavor to see you get your girl.


Oct 03, 2007
You know what. That was the best advice I have ever heard. This whole time I have been so selfish when in reality I haven't thought about HER feelings. I plan on backing off her for now. I've learned that there's plenty of time to find love and that right now is probably not the time. I think I'll live being single.

Oct 04, 2007
Erm, I'm not entirely sure my advice translated the way I wanted it to.

Still, I suppose it's just as well. If you feel that such a move is in your best course, then it is safe to surrender to the fact that this move was for the best.

Besides, should this prove to be a blunder, you can easily correct it. You are in a place where taking another stab at "R.E." is easy, or you have a sea of women waiting for you.

I hope you can appreciate why I called myself "Zhuge Liang". :)


Oct 04, 2007
My advice was offered in the context of reading our friend's other blogs, where he seems to be afraid to make moves on these girls he mentions.

I'm not advising him to act like a dog, just saying that he seems for example to be afraid to try and kiss a girl, lest she reject the advance.

I think he needs to learn to try, and when rebuffed, to take it in stride. Usually when you make a move toward a girl and it fails, the friendship will only end if YOU can't deal with the rejection. If you can, then she sees that you're a stable person.

Let's be realistic; you want a girlfriend or several casual girlfriends rather than to become that guy who only has female platonic friends, right?

It's somewhat of a numbers game, and you have to be willing to hear "No" to get to a "Yes". I think you need to break the ice, going by your other blogs.

A girl saying no is NOT the end of the world, as long as you take it graciously.


Oct 04, 2007
Rest assured, I've read the other blogs, and am well aware of the big stepping stone of self-confidence that needed to be crossed.

The advice I was hoping to give was that the confidence to make a move would come when the moment was right. In any do-or-die scenario, we act when everything is in our favor and the opportunity is perfect. We do not flake out when success is almost guaranteed, because there is nothing to lose. As long as you can see that the moment is right and are willing to just say "do it" and follow through, then you will achieve what you desire.

In this case, the timing was not right. I was unable to post previously, through fault of WordPress, but throughout every step of Red's situation, my advice would have been mostly the same. I would advise him to learn everything about her, make their minds as one, etc. The only difference would have been that I would have suggested him to push the initiative. Be aware of danger signs and remain generally aware, of course, but the time to attack would have been then.

Of course, with the new information in hand, the time to attack was not then, nor is it now. Of course, this much is all moot, considering Red made a decision that I feel, if thought out as properly as I hope it has been, is a very mature and very correct move -- and I continue to believe that it was for the best.

Obviously, Sedative, you are absolutely correct in your thinking and presentation. You and I both stated it: never take "no" to heart. If anyone is rejected, simply take a deep breath, accept it graciously, and begin again. Red is in a position where the numbers and odds both work in his favor.

My blog was simply designed to increase greatly the chances of a "yes" over a "no", coupled with strategies that, if implemented correctly, will give you plenty of opportunities and ideas to break the ice. It was also adapted to fit the current position Red was in, for when a situation changes, the strategy must change accordingly. In a way, I would like to think that I built on your ideas, Sedative, by offering ways and tactics to solve the courage issues. As for you, Red, let this serve as a reminder that when you are ready to try again, whether it be with "R.E." or someone else, the best laid plans and the best recon and preparation will make every move and decision an obvious one to you -- and should negate any issues involving self-confidence and fear. I cannot condemn you for choosing to step back from "R.E." given your reasoning. I can only say that you should not worry about making a move or being rejected. Simply do your "homework", pick your spot, and go for it.

Remember this: courage, without wisdom, is what seperates bravery from recklessness.