Version 2.0 Only Days away; Stable in IE7

Jun 18, 2008 12:09 AM
Just a few more days until I'm releasing Sleepy Comics v2.0 to the public. If you received a link to the beta I suggest you go back and try logging in with your username and password. You're allowed to use the new comments and favorite features to test them out.

I'm also pleased to say that the site works better in Internet Explorer 7. I fixed a whole bunch of problems and now it runs just like Firefox. By the way, Firefox 3.0 came out today and it's great! It is really smooth and fast.

Some of the new features of Sleepy Comics v2.0 are:

*Comments on each scene.

*A personal favorites list (called a "Stash")

*Full database integration. EVERYTHING (KO scenes, alerts, pinups, unknown scans, etc) is in one table.

*People associations - meaning, if you click on "Wonder Woman", it will list all of her scenes.

*Live search and faster sorting.

Here is a preview pic for those who are curious about what the new site looks like:

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Jun 23, 2008
Scene alert for you:
He-Man (Classic '80s cartoon)
Episode is called Fraidy Cat
Season 2
Great gas scene involving Teela succumbing to "mist of sleepiness". The mist is sprayed into the room. When it reaches Teela, she yawns and then moans, "....So sleepy...." and then goes to sleep. Definitely worth hunting down.