Aug 06, 2008 09:02 PM
Your user profiles are now more customizable. Goto "My Profile" in the top navigation bar and it will take you to a page where you can edit your profile.

Things you can edit are your display name, avatar, signature and password. Your avatar can be any 50x50 pixel jpeg. I provided about 20 avatars, but you can link to any image offsite. So go ahead and personalize your profile!

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Aug 08, 2008
Im using it right now. Nice!

Aug 09, 2008
It would be cool if it kept your preferences too.
e.g. I prefer tabular view but the default is Thumbnails.
Aprt from that niggle I really like the improvements on V 2.0.
You've done a marvelous job and the almost daily updates make this one of my favourite sites on the net.
Well done !!


Aug 09, 2008
That might be something I could add. I'll look into it.