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Aug 16, 2008 01:08 AM
Alright time for another blog update. We are at 3,124 records in the database. The last few days have been amazing. First I went through "Agent 327" and found a ton of amazing KO's. I thought I had seen everything. Then I found two chloroform scenes from Mandrake the Magician, a comic which is all about chloroform it seems. Someone also sent a chloro scene from Thrilling Comics #32, a nice golden age scene.

Next I looked at a comic from the creators of "Natacha", our favorite sexy air hostess. Turns out there is a scene where a bunch of naked girls are gassed. What an incredible find. I researched into a comic called "Rubine", also from the creators of Natacha but it was a huge disappointment. In the end, I just looked through some more issues of Natacha to see if I was missing anything. Turns out I was.

Just today I found a bunch of KO scenes in "Aria", another European comic featuring a strong female protagonist. That pretty much equates to numerous KO scenes. My investment paid off! Good Lord, if this girl gets KO'd anymore times she will become Mary Marvel. These scenes will be added soon.

I've also begun looking at video clips again. I have someone helping me locate clips. But I am so busy looking through comics that I don't even have time for clips! I wish I had more time.

My latest venture is further proof we are only seeing the tip of the iceburg.

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Aug 16, 2008
Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Aug 16, 2008
Thanks, I just love what I do.