My Art Career

Mar 03, 2009 01:32 AM
Yeah, so I've started doing original art now, in case you haven't noticed. I guess I've always had a little art blood in me. It's sort of caused me to neglect, but in reality, I am just expanding my services. Now, not only do I have a database of KO scenes, I also have the ability to produce my own KO scenes! If you visit my Deviantart page, you can see some of the art I've done recently. There are a few KO scenes, some bondage, and some pin-ups. I mostly draw women because seriously, what's the point of drawing ugly old dudes? Unless they are the villain I guess.

If you are wondering how the heck I suddenly became an artist, it's because I learned how to trace 3D models. I also taught myself how to color using Photoshop. My goal is to use my skills to produce some of the best sleepy/knockout/bondage scenes ever. I don't know if I'll ever replace Monsieur Paul or other greats, but I think I can make an impact. I want to explore what is possible with my skills.

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Mar 12, 2009
Heyy !
Congrats Red !
The main thing is that you get pleasure from drawing. Don't let your creativity be polluted with success or fashion. Be yourself sincerely.


Mar 12, 2009
Happy to see you joinng the realm. I too am art self taught and starting creating illustration to complement short stories I have written years ago

There are so very few that want to do art in this genre I'ts great to see other fans "keeping the faith"