Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from

Dec 24, 2009 10:00 AM
Hey guys, the reason for the lack of updates recently is because I am on vacation right now. I went back to Ohio to spend time with my family. In my free time I'm still looking for scenes, but I'll wait until I get back to NYC to begin uploading them. You guys are going to be in for a big surprise too! This year is going to end with a bang.

And what a year we've had too, right? I recently surpassed the 5,000 scene mark, a big accomplishment. The number of contributors is growing too; most of the scenes on the front page right now are from contributors.

I'm really happy with the way thing are going with this site. 2009 is definitely going to be one of's most memorable years.

So have a Merry Christmas everybody! I'll see you after the holidays.

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