A new way to donate...introducing the Sleepycomics.com store

May 15, 2011 01:48 PM
Hey everybody, as you can see I have gotten a little more active on the site. I guess I had a sudden wave of sleepy interest :-). Anyway, I'm gonna start my donation pitch again. As you all know, sleepycomics.com does in fact cost money to run...not that much though, something around $10-$20 per month for hosting. Occasionally I buy a Rapidshare account. And truthfully, I don't really care about the hosting costs because the true economic and social value of this site is priceless.

But I like to think like a businessman. And I think it would be cool if sleepycomics.com became self sufficient in a way. Which is why I am introducing the Sleepycomics.com Shop! You can access the store by clicking the Shop and Donate! link at the very top.

The Sleepycomics.com Shop provides a way for you to donate money...and get something cool in return! As you know, I indulge in some original art from time to time. The products in the shop are all works of mine. They're quite amateurish and lame, which is why they are so cheap now :-). The artwork is all original, and not posted anywhere else.

Here is how it works: First, donate some money to the site. I will convert each $1.00 donated into one hundred points. You can use the points to purchase products from the shop. $1.00=100 points, $5.00=500 points, etc. You must have an account with the site to use this feature.

The nice thing is, I can give points to users who contribute to sleepycomics.com in other ways. If you upload a lot of scenes for instance, I can deposit points. Very cool right?

So thank you in advance. If this becomes popular, I may even take suggestions for drawings to post in the store.

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