User Spotlight: Blx

Jul 25, 2012 06:01 PM
Today's post is not going to be about me - it's going to be about one of our users! It's something new I am trying, called The User Spotlight. I will pick one of our active users and conduct a fun interview. This way, we get to learn a little more about our community.

For this post, I interviewed Blx.

Blx has been a user since the very beginning of this site, almost six years now. He has contributed an impressive 233 scenes to the database!

Let's learn some more about Blx!

Interview start

Question: Hi Blx, what is your age, and what country are you from?
Blx's Answer: I'm 26 and I live in the Netherlands.

Question: Tell me about 2 or 3 of your passions in life.
Blx's Answer: First is football/soccer. I've played it all my life and just love the sport. Second is making music. I've played guitar now for 5 years. Too bad I don't have the voice to sing or I would've made it big. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Tell me, what does your sleepy/bondage interest mean to you?
Just a fetish I guess. The bondage isn't really my thing and the sleepy is just something that's a part of me. I don't really know how to explain it. I really enjoy it, but I'm not obsessed by it.

How did you first find
I was on the old blog you made before you made SC. I can't really remember how I got there. I just know I was looking to fill the void that Project X left. Project X also had sleepy comic scenes but suddenly disappeared after which I started drifting between AVGDID and other stuff.

How often do you visit
Once every day.

What was your initial impression of What is your impression of the site today?
I first thought the site looked okay. But the functions, the database and the easiness to look at the scenes were brand new and are still great. The site today has become a part of my every day life. Just gotta check it once a day. I think it looks great, works great and I like that you're constantly looking to improve it. I think that it's one of the best quality fetish sites on the internet.

Who is your favorite character on, and why do you like that character?
Black Cat and Lara Croft. The first because of the costume and she was one of the first female superheroes I saw (I read Spider Man as a kid). Lara Croft because she's not a superhero but a normal woman who does amazing things and looks great while doing it.

What is your favorite scene involving that character? Why do you like that scene?
Of Black Cat it's of the Spiderman cartoon where she's gassed. I love the pass out and that she's held up by her arm when she's unconscious.
Of Lara Croft it's Tomb Raider #17/19. Love the way she looks hanging in those webs. I saw a black and white version of it on Andy Park's website and searched for it endlessly. Then finally I found a torrent of the Tomb Raider comics and found it.

Describe what would be the *perfect* scene involving your favorite character.
I don't really care which of the two. First of all, she would have to be in action. Meaning, in the environment where she normally operates and in the clothing/costume she usually wears.

She would be doing whatever when she's hit by a dart. She pulls it out and starts looking for the shooter. Then she starts to stumble and get dizzy and thats when the 'villain' comes out (would be better if she was female, even better if it was a female heroine gone bad/hypnotized. Or at least someone she trusts).

The 'villain' starts circling her and taunting her and thats when she sags to her knees, with her arms hanging limp and. Everything is spinning and the voice of the villain is far away. Then the villain decides to put her out for real and chloroforms her. Her weak arms can't even get to the hand chloroforming her. Her eyes roll and then she's out (eye roll of Tomb Raider #10 would be very good).

The villain drops her body to the ground, lingers at it, then picks her up by the costume/hair and lifts her in the air and taunts her (like Stargirl in 'Sofyan - Max Lord wins').

Following is an OTS carry where you can see her ass and face. After, she's strapped to a table/interrogation device, spread eagled. She starts to wake up a bit but is knocked out again through a clear view gas mask which is then strapped to her face. Final shot is a full body shot of her unconscious, being gassed, tied up and helpless.

If that scene ever happened, I could die happily. Maybe I'll commission it one day.

Does anyone in your life know about your sleepy/bondage interest? If so, how did they react, and how do you feel about it?
No. And I don't think I'm going to tell as well. I told one of my girlfriends once that I thought female kidnapping scenes were pretty hot, but never more than that.

Finally, do you have any questions for me?
You used to post updates on your blog on how you were doing, but stopped at some point. How are you doing nowadays?

End of interview

To answer Blx's last question, I'm doing great these days! I got a new job which is a lot less stressful. In fact, it's one of the reasons why I began to update this site more. I'm also going to focus on improving my artwork. Working on this site for the last three months has pretty much been my life though.

I hope you enjoyed that insight. If you would like to be interviewed for my next spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected] I WILL respond.

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Jul 25, 2012
That's an amazing avatar!!

Jul 26, 2012
Great interview guys. I always enjoy reading on somebody else's experiences on this subject and getting to know my fellow lurkers a bit :)

BLX - Never knew you were a fellow dutchie :) Living in the Netherlands too . Allthough my profiles say UK. I was always afraid that if I was still logged in or something I could say it was somebody else's acct or something. #paranoidmuch

Red congrats on the new job. Great to hear you are doing well. This "industry" would not be the same without you.

And last but not least. BLX thnx for contributing as many scenes as you have. You've found some great gems!


Jul 26, 2012
Hey, that was a fun and informative interview!

Jul 27, 2012
@bobko a fellow Dutchman? Never would've guessed. It's still pretty hard for me to imagine that there are more people out there like me. Let alone in the same country.

Jul 27, 2012
@Blx you and bobko should meet for drinks!