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Yeah I got side tracked...

Dec 18, 2012 09:40 PM

Okay, so I have this annoying trait. I get interested in hobbies in waves. One month, I'll be really into something, such as working on Sleepycomics.com. Another month, I'll have no motivation to work on it. I really wish I'd stop getting side tracked!

I still find time to draw some art every week. I have this thing going where I am trying to draw all the Sailor Senshi getting chloroformed. It's kind of addicting...you just want to "chloro 'em all". The good news is, free art for everyone! Think of it as a holiday gift.

I will likely go dark as the holidays get nearer, as I will be traveling and meeting family.

So, I got nothing else to say. Have a safe holiday everyone!

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Comments ( 2 )

SGKOfan said:
Thanks for sharing the art Red, enjoy your Holiday!
Dec 18, 2012

gytalf2000 said:
The pics are quite fun! Have a nice Christmas!
Dec 20, 2012
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