Dems Take Control

Nov 09, 2006 12:49 AM
I just want to say congratulations to the democrats for gaining the majority in BOTH the House and the Senate. Finally the American people are firing back at Bush's failed Iraq war. Even more interesting, Donald Rumsfeld resigned as Defense Secretary. I want to see the democrats change things in Iraq and hold those who led us into war accountable. There are people in our government getting away with crimes against humanity. Hopefully Bush will see the democratic victory as an indication no one in America likes him and his war anymore.

Oh, and in celebration I added a clip of Storm getting a face full of sleeping gas to the clips page!

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Nov 09, 2006
I don't think so that they change something in my opinion they are the same

Nov 10, 2006
If you don't like it here than leave. Don't insulte the troops who are giving their lives to protect a prick like you!

Nov 12, 2006
My thoughts Exactly Jon. :D

Nov 27, 2006
Hey Jon
He wasn't insulting the troops. He was against the President. And now that the Dems have taken over are you going to follow your own advise and leave the country?
I never understood that line "If you don't like it here than leave."
The United States was built on change. If the people don't like it, they change it. In Russia, China you leave...In America you fix it.

Dec 01, 2006
you are as big an asshole as he is. What was your opinion of that piece of shit Clinton as a president?

Dec 01, 2006
Jon, you are nothing more than a nasty troll. Why don't you keep your hateful non sequiturs to yourself?