Jan 03, 2007 06:55 PM
Okay I promise I will have an update soon. This post is to just let people know that I have gotten the alerts (including the TEST alerts you all so love to send). My free photobucket account has currently used about 89% of its monthly bandwith. My meter resets on the 12th. I've been posting most of the newest scans on Imageshack to spread out the bandwith. So yeah, try not to download TOO much in the next two weeks otherwise something bad might happen.

Since I haven't gotten any responses on my clip request in the chloroforum, I think I'll repost it here. I'm looking for manga scans. I think they were posted on the now defunct Chloro_Comics yahoo group. If you saved a lot of comic and manga scans in the past, please look through your archives. The scene is in Japanese. It involves a woman who gets chloroformed and shoved into a car. Later, a young man recieves a photograph of the kidnapped woman tied up. That's all I can remember. I once had this scene, but I somehow lost it. Any help would be great.

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Jan 05, 2007
Your site is just great.Fun question.I saw the Mary Marvel post and saw her asleep with the owl guy over her.Was it on the cover?Do you think she could be put to sleep with chloroform?I would love to see Superman or maybe Green Lantern do it.

Jan 05, 2007
The mary marvel sleepy shot was on the cover. It would take a lot of strength but they could probably knock her out. I mean they did it to wonder woman right?!