Jan 19, 2007 08:45 PM
Yeah I know, there have not been many updates lately. It's mostly because I am lazy, and also because I am busy getting adjusted to campus life again. Campus life, what an oxymoron.

Anyway, I found some chloroform scenes on AVGDID. They were posted under a doujinshi topic. I added them to my unknowns page. Doujinshi (*COUGH*HENTAI*COUGH*) seems to be chock full of chloroformings. Hope you like the small update.

My comic book class started (isn't it amazing?). So far we talked about the history of comics and Action Comics #1. Action #1 actually has some bondage on the second page, it's kind of historic. Another cool thing about this class is that all the readings are COMICS. The professor even brought in a huge box of random comics for us to read. I grabbed a handful of comics. I didn't find anything interesting, but it's nice to know I have more resources. I can't wait until we discuss Wonder Woman.

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