Jan 31, 2007 05:02 PM
Nooooooooo, my bandwith limit has been exceeded AGAIN. I thought people would stop looking at older pictures but I guess I was wrong. If you noticed I recently added some material. I'm kind of busy right now so I will update a little less frequently.

I started watching the first season of 24. Man this show is a KO fest. I remember seeing the Lydon chloroforming when it first aired on TV. But yeah, there are injections, darts and lots of bondage. I shouldn't have started watching because I went to bed at like 1:30 last night. The cliffhangers are just too good.

I apologize for 95% of all my images not showing. I honestly never expected people would continue to look at old images. I think what I am going to do (because I am a cheap ass) is start converting from photobucket to imageshack. Imageshack manages bandwith on a per-image basis, whereas once my photobucket account spills over, IT'S OVER. So yeah, my site will suck until Feb 12. But you have seen all the old scans so it's not like you are missing out. Plus, all the newest scans can still be seen.

In other news, I found a gas scene in Amazing Spiderman v1 #5. Too bad it involved a dude dressed up as Spiderman. It was actually part of my reading assignment for my comic book class. This is like the best class I have ever taken.

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Feb 07, 2007
I know your busy but I want more!!!!Someone of your talent and vision cannot stay idle!Your biggest fan.