I'm Just Really Busy Right Now

Nov 03, 2007 04:13 AM | 6
The best excuse that I have is that I am busy. But you all know the truth is that I am actually lazy.

Something strange has happened. I kind of lost interest in looking for sleepy scenes. I know it's weird because just a few months ago I was obsessed with it. I still like sleepy stuff, don't get me wrong. It's just that it isn't on the top of my priorities list. One day it'll come back. A consequence of this is that I neglected to search through comics, soooooooo, could I have missed a really good scene? The world may never know.

What is this, three weeks without any update? Is that some sort of record? This happens to a lot of sites. The admin will be very enthusiastic initially and then gradually lose interest. It's what happened to my previous blog that I had going for three years. I just suddenly stopped because there was nothing interesting to talk about.

So is there anything interesting to talk about? No, not really. I just go about my daily routine: classes, studying, eating crappy food, video games occasionally. I pass the time by doing some juggling, my passion in life. Maybe I'll meet R.E. again, a girl who once made an impact on my life. I've recently just stopped caring about things.

If I find something, I'll post it. Peace.

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Nov 06, 2007 12:34 AM | 11
Updated the database. Only a few scenes, but the two Empowered scenes are so freaking good I had to show them to you. Enjoy!

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Nov 23, 2007 10:44 PM | 0
Uploaded some scans from the old Black Cat series. They are all head KO's. Also uploaded a drugged drink from a comic called "Starfire". Thanks to c3c for these scenes. That's it for now.

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Best Original Art Ever.

Nov 30, 2007 10:57 AM | 7
Look at what I found last night! When I saw it I just had to share it with you. Original art by Lost One Zero:

Is this not the most amazing Batgirl chloroform scene ever?! It is almost Godly.

Batgirl was never chloroformed in the comics. I think the scene above is how it could have been done. Seeing that original comic posted really made my day.

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