Is Twitter the answer?

May 31, 2014 11:58 PM | 4
If anyone follows my Twitter handle, @sleepycomics, you may have noticed that I am posting scene finds there. I used to never care about Twitter, but I suddenly started realizing its benefits.

First off, Twitter is integrated into my tablet and phone, so I can post things wherever I am. When I tuned a new scene, it's much faster to just tweet the image with some hash tags, than it is to input it into my database. Once tweeted, all of my followers can see it on their phone as well.

Other people can tweet information to me as well. If one of you finds a cool sleepy scene, you can just tweet it to @sleepycomics, and I'll see it.

I'm still checking comics these days, and I do find some great scenes. I've been lazy to post them though. Twitter enables me to post things faster. I'll be using it more I think.

Try it out! Visit my Twitter profile today: @sleepycomics

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