Sleepy Comics "Express" in development

Jul 08, 2009 12:39 AM | 0
I've known about all the issues has had with the user interface, and I've decided to finally solve it.  That's right, I am going to release a whole new redesigned site after everyone has gotten used to this version. Don't worry though, this current version will not go away; I'll still use it when I need to add and edit scenes. This site is a very robust scene manager.

Some issues I currently have with this site are:

- The interface is buggy and confusing. You have to click many things just to do a simple search. The page moves up and down unpredictably. There is no back button support.

- The searching still sucks.

- Mobile support is horrible. This site is impossible to use on the iPhone.

I've decided to go back to the basics. "Express" will only be a search engine without all the fluff this current site has.  The first thing you'll see when you goto is a search box and a logo...that's it. When you hit "search" with just a blank query, it lists the 30 most recent scenes added. The list will be a lot clearer with more information.

Searching will be a lot simpler. For example, if you want to find all of Wonder Woman's chloro scenes, just type "wonder woman chloro" in the search box. You can filter results by medium type and gender. You can sort results as well.

Clicking on a search result will take you to a page with all the scans and everything. You will also be able to use the back button again.

I plan on creating a portal page which will show recent scenes, popular scenes, featured scenes and news.

This won't be ready for maybe a few more weeks.

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DNS Change going in effect

Jul 08, 2009 03:21 PM | 0
I opened an account with Dreamhost and will be switching to them today. As a result, I will not be updating this site for at least 24 hours, maybe longer. Also, don't upload any scenes for now.

During this switch, the site may go down temporarily.

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DNS update complete

Jul 08, 2009 06:53 PM | 0
If you are reading this, it means your local DNS server has updated and you are viewing the new site.  I am using OpenDNS which seems to update faster.

You can also visit to see what I am working on.

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Sleepy Comics "Express" Beta

Jul 09, 2009 11:25 PM | 0
Hi everyone. It seems like most people are already viewing the new site. I have uploaded many scenes these past two days. I am going through my archives and just posting everything I have. There's a lot to go through.

I am also busy working on Sleepy Comics "Express". You can actually view the new website at: or  You can login on the new site using your current username and password. You can search for scenes, list scenes, view scenes and comment on scenes right now. Check it out and let me know what you think. This may become the new main site.

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Jul 14, 2009 08:14 PM | 0 will be down temporarily as I change servers. I know people don't really use that site, but I thought I'd tell people in case they were curious.

Started my new job in NYC. It's good, but it's also making me really busy. I come back home at 6:30 PM every weekday.

I'm still working a little on Sleepy Comics express. Check it out at

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Outsider Opinions of

Jul 19, 2009 12:52 AM | 3
So I was googling the phrase "" to see if any websites made any mention of this site.  Surely enough I found a reference on right here.  The topic was started by an apparant fan of  Thank you Splat24 for showing support!  Sorry for the hostile reaction you got though.  It's disappointing how the outside world looks at us like we are freaks or something.  We're humans too!!  Judging by the responses, it seems most people are content with the current state of Wonder Woman.  The Wonder Woman of today is practically unstoppable; it truly does a disservice to her Golden and Silver age days.

If you closely examine the history of comics in America, you will notice that comics from the Golden Age had three things going for them: action, romance...and bondage!  Remember, Wonder Woman wasn't the only heroine who was tied up...everyone else was tied up too.  Bondage wasn't just some basement fetish, it was part of the culture during the Golden Age.  And it was acceptable.

What we have moved into today, is an era where we must all be politically correct in everything we publish.  No no no, we cannot show Wonder Woman bound and gagged, for that would diminish her as a female.  Instead, we must shoot Barbara Gordon in the spine to prove she is "strong".  The feminist movement believed they were empowering women in comics, but instead they transformed women into masculine creatures who could beat up every baddy.  When women in comics cannot even be touched, where is the incentive to even care about the character?  Where is the sense of danger?
I do believe however, that there is a segment of the comic publishing community that recognizes the influence bondage has played in the history of comics.  Those artists that exploit the bondage culture will succeed.

And you know what? I think I'm going to give the middle finger to those people who mock the bondage uploading more scenes!

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Reason for my existence

Jul 22, 2009 10:58 PM | 4
It may seem obvious to some, and to others it might be surprising. The fact of the matter is, is basically my main passion in life.  I'm 22, single, healthy, living in Manhattan with a great paying job.  With my life is essentially complete.  If all I did for the rest of my life was search for knockout scenes and upload them, I would be happy.

I've been doing this for 3 or 4 years now.  I'm often amazed by how many scenes I've indexed over the years.  3,900 scenes are in the database as of this writing.

Everything I have ever done and learned was because of  I even draw my own original art now which is absolutely crazy!  I never would have imagined drawing my own art a few years ago.  I learned how to write database driven websites, because I needed it for  I became an expert in Linux so I could manage  I became an artist so I could produce original content.
In essence, isn't just a phase of my IS my life.   I wake up, goto work, eat food and work on  That's it.

There are what, 7 BILLION people on this planet?  But there is only one person who basically runs, Redchina or whatever you want to call me.  If I die, this site dies.  God created me so I could make this website. is the reason for my existence.

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"Express" Update

Jul 26, 2009 10:42 PM | 0
So I have been busy working on Sleepy Comics Express. There are a few things I added:

- I added a backup feature, which I call the "Sleepy Comics Vault". Every picture that is uploaded is automatically downloaded to my server so there is a backup copy.  That way if the image is deleted from Photobucket or whatever, there is still a copy available online.
-  On the Express Portal page, you can now see a running tally of the number of scenes, plus a LIVE counter displaying the total number of scene views. It actually updates in real time which is neat.

- The blog posts are now available, everything from August 2006. It is much easier to navigate now.

- You can add comments to scenes and the blog.

That's it for now. Please visit to see what I am working on. You may even like it more than the current "V2.0" site.

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I'm on Twitter

Jul 31, 2009 11:05 PM | 2
I created a twitter account at:  I'll use it to post more real time updates on things I'm working on, sleepycomics updates, anything sleepy related, etc.  Sign up and follow my account to know more about what's going on in my life. That's all, thanks!

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