Surpassed 4000 scenes

Aug 02, 2009 11:03 PM | 1
I've hit another milestone today.  My database of scenes has surpassed 4,000 entries.  This is really not that important though, because there are a lot of junk scenes in the database now.  When I say 4000 scenes, I mean EVERYTHING, including original art, scene alerts, random pin-ups.  The number of actual knockouts numbers around 2,800 which is actually kind of surprising.  That means I have a lot of junk stored in the database.

Another interesting statistic is the number of images and links stored in the database.  There are over 8,060 links.  A lot of those links could be dead though, but the haven't been removed.

Finally, my favorite statistic is the total number of scene views since June 25, 2008 (the day I started keeping track). There are 1.12 MILLION scene views total.  Everytime someone opens up a scene, a view count is added.  If you visit, it even has a live counter showing the total number of scene views. It's really neat.

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Idea: An interview with sleepycomics

Aug 04, 2009 09:37 PM | 5
In an effort to better personify myself (sometimes people think I'm a machine), I want you guys to interview me.  Even though I think you guys know me fairly well, I think there are a lot of unanswered questions about who I really am.  You all know that I run this site almost daily and that I also recently became an artist.  But do any of you have questions about what I do the rest of the time?  This is your chance to learn more about the person behind this site.

The rules are simple: You can ask me any question.  Since I still kind of want to protect my identity, I won't post my full address, phone number or anything like that.  But other than that you can get as personal as you want.  You can either post the question as a comment or e-mail a list to me.  After a few days, I'll pick the best interview questions and write a post answering them all.

If this is successful, I will return the favor and ask questions about you guys.

The goal is simple: I want my audience to know more about me.  So have fun! Looking forward to your questions.

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Interview Part I

Aug 14, 2009 11:02 PM | 3
Alright, so I gave you guys a chance to ask some questions.  I got some good ones.  Here are my responses in no particular order:

Q: What comics do you actually read on a monthly basis ? (from lurkndog)

A:  Actually, I don't read any!  In fact, I don't own a single comic book.  Some of my favorite graphic novels in the past have been The Dark Knight by Frank Miller and Watchmen.  But no, I don't follow any current comic books which is interesting considering the content of this site!

Q: Did you ever tell anybody outside the online world tell about your liking ? (from LordOfTheCarry)

A: Yes.  Several people in my life do in fact know about my interest.  I told my brother first, and he was kind of shocked at first but now jokes around with me about it.  It was quite relieving actually.  Supposedly he then went on to tell all his friends at school about, but no one ended up caring.  I have showed a few close friends from college my artwork, but again, none of them seemed to care.  So the lesson learned was, it isn't a problem telling people because they end up not caring in the end.  Regardless, my parents still don't know.

Q; Do you ever plan on telling anyone (besides your brother) about your fetish or this website? (from BLX)

A: My goal is to not tell people.  Because honestly, people don't need to know.  There are times however, where I am tempted to just reveal my secret to everybody I know.  I feel that sleepycomics is such an accomplishment in my life, that it is such a shame that no one knows about it!  I wish people knew, but at the same time I realize it could potentially ruin my reputation!  I am becoming less and less careful about protecting my identity, and soon I think someone in my life will stumble upon this website.  Maybe someone already has, but they don't want to tell me.

Q:  Do you remember when the sleepy fetish first started for you? A particular scene in the comics (or on TV) that made you realize that you liked knockout scenes? (gytalf2000)

A:  I don't remember what triggered this sleepy fascination of mine.  The earliest I can trace my history with sleepy content is around 2000-2001.  Seeing the Wonder Girl chloro scene live on TV for the first time (on the Sci-Fi channel) really changed me.  I also remember being interested in all the various gas KO's from shows like Inspector Gadget, Batman TAS and Superman TAS.  It didn't suddenly happen, the fascination slowly grew on me.  And even today, I am liking new things (like bondage, head KO's, faints...things I had no interest in before).

Q:  What is it about a ko that makes it exciting to you? What kind of ko do you like the best and why?

A:  What makes KO's exciting to me has to do with the concept of helplessness.  Rendering someone unconscious puts them in their most vulnerable state.  It is the most satisfying when a powerful heroine gets knocked out when she is at the peak of her strength, by someone significantly weaker than her.  By far my favorite KO method is chloroform.  It catches the heroine off guard, slowly overpowers her, weakens her and is very upclose and personal.  It's the most perfect, sexiest way to render anyone unconscious.  By far.

For the last question, I am going to rephrase it slightly:

Q:  Have we already seen the best that comics have to offer in terms of KO's and bondage?

A:  I like this question a lot.  My answer is that I don't know and that we will never know.  Back in 2006, I thougt I had already found the best comic book KO's.  I thought there was no way I could ever find anything better.  Yet time and time again I would surpass my old finds with better finds.  The truth is, the amount of comics out there is endless.  There are hundreds of thousands of comic series, and each series can have a dozen to several hundred issues.  Each month they are publishing thousands of comics.  There is no way we will ever find every single bondage and KO scene.  There's simply too many comics.  I don't believe we have even seen everything Golden Age comics have to offer, because we haven't searched 100% of Golden Age comics.

Right now our best bet is to look at foreign, obscure comics.  That's where all the potential is.  Trust me, the best is yet to come.

That's it for now. Thanks to all the people who submitted questions! If you have more, feel free to post some.

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Migrating to "Sleepy Comics Express"

Aug 29, 2009 05:24 PM | 2
Very soon, I will be migrating the website to a new layout, dubbed "Sleepy Comics Express". Despite all the technical flourishes the current site, "V2.0", has, I absolutely hate it. I think it's difficult to use and confusing at times. I can't believe I made you guys use this interface for more than a year!

This new interface is a lot more user friendly. I got rid of all the AJAX, so everything works like it should. Back buttons behave correctly. There's no more fading and scrolling of scenes, but we don't need that.

The searching is a hundred times better on this new site. You will be able to type something like "black canary gagged" and get all of Black Canary's gag scenes. No longer do you have to enter in exact scene names to find something. The searches will be much more intuitive.

I included something called the Sleepy Comics "Directory". With the directory, you will be able to see lists of scenes based on category or person. For example, you can see a list of all chloroform scenes on one page.

You can still register for the website. All your old logins and passwords work.

Any registered user can still add scenes as well. Just click "Add Scene" above. I think scene adding has a better user interface as well. One key change: scenes cannot be deleted after 14 days. Also, I still must approve all user added scenes.

You can still fave scenes. Just click "+Fave" when you are viewing a scene.

I am planning on making blog posts more interesting, by including pictures and possibly doing scene reviews.

There are still some features I need to add, but right now the site is useable and I want to roll it out for a beta.

Please give me as much feedback as possible! Thanks and enjoy the new layout!

NOTE: If you hate this new layout, you can go back to version 2 by going to

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How to use this site

Aug 30, 2009 06:37 PM | 4

The search button is your friend.
Okay, got a few e-mails from people, asking how to use the new layout. Always happens whenever I do a switch, it's normal. I remember getting tons of questions and complaints when I went to V2.0, and this site is nowhere near as bad.


How to view recently added scenes
Click the "Search" button. That's it. All search results are sorted by date added, so the most recent scene is on top. If you search with an empty string, the entire database is pulled.

How do I find all recently added "Head KO's"?
Just type "head KO" and click search. Or just type "head".

How do I find ONLY comic scenes?
Under the search bar, there is an "advanced" link. Click it, you should get a small popup. Check the box that says "Comic" under types of media. You can specify what kinds of results to return. Default is to return everything.

Basically, I simplified the layout so that everything can be done from the search bar. No need to click on links or anything. Just type what you want to see and click Search. It's that easy. And it works too.

Of course, I am keeping the old version around as well. It's at It uses the same database so you are not missing anything.

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Connectivity Issues

Aug 30, 2009 11:13 PM | 0

Report bugs and errors immediately. I will fix them.
I understand there may have been some server connectivity issues in the past 36 hours. I even discovered that the URL was down for possibly 24 hours (the URL, without the 'www' was fine).

What's troubling is that it took so long for people to notify me of the down time. I would have expected such a high traffic website to generate a much bigger response when it's down. Today alone this site had over 4,000 unique hits. That means there are probably hundreds of people experienced the downtime.

Next time there is downtime, please e-mail me as soon as you can. My e-mail is at the bottom of every page. It's [email protected]. I will fix the issue right away. No one should ever be denied their sleepy content.

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How Disney's "Marvelous" Acquisition Helps Us

Aug 31, 2009 08:08 PM | 5

Disney acquiring Marvel Comics may provide us with some new sleepy and bondage content.
So if you haven't heard the news yet, The Walt Disney Company has just acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion (Source).

I was totally surpised by this news. Naturally, the first thing I began thinking about was how this acquisition will affect, given that I rely heavily on providing sleepy content. It occurred to me that this could not have come at a more opportune time.

I go through probably hundreds of comics each month, and I am slowly starting to realize that comics with a certain mature theme have very little in terms of sleepy or bondage content. Comics like Punisher, X-Men, Detective Comics and others rely a lot on violence to trigger an emotional response in its readers. I mean comics these days are just chock full of brutal, bloody violence.

In my years of searching, I noticed an opposite trend in family friendly, children's comics. Kids comics avoid all the bloody violence found in adult comics, but how then do they keep reader's interest? Where's the drama in a children's comic? The answer, is harmless peril in the form of bondage and knockout scenes. Think about it. What's the least violent way to put a female character in danger? Tie her up or spray her with sleeping gas. Where are you most likely to find such scenes? Children's Comics.

The best thing that could come out of this deal, is Walt Disney pushing for more family friendly kids comics from Marvel. I'm talking about Marvel Adventures for Kids, featuring the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, The Avengers. That's where the sleepy and bondage scenes will be.

I'll be keeping a close eye on Marvel Comics in the coming months.

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