Lupin III S2 ep 75 (Yet Another Fujiko KO scene)

May 02, 2007 12:51 AM | 2

Here is an interesting list I'd like to show everyone. It's the top ten list of the most downloaded clips in April. The number one clip for pretty much the whole month was "Darker than Black", followed by the preview from D. Gray Man ep 30. Reporter Blues episode 7 was posted late in the month, but given enough time I think it would have shot to the number one spot. I find it interesting that Cinderella Boy and Angel of Darkness made it to the top ten. Those clips have been posted elsewhere before, but I guess not everyone had them.

This is another screenshot I found from D. Gray -Man episode 30. It's a different angle of the chloro scene. That means there's at least three different angles to this chloro, which means it could actually be good! It aired today so I should have the episode right

Did you notice how I am starting to use Photobucket again? It's because I purchased a $25 pro account, JUST so I could keep all the Photobucket scans activated during the bandwith outage. I can't believe that even with 25 gigs of bandwith it STILL exceeds. Oh and another fascinating statistic: in the month of April over 86 gigabytes of video clips were downloaded. That means if you combine everything from Photobucket and my filer account, it's over 111 gigs of data transferred in a month.

I updated the Doujinshi/Manga section. There's a lot of good stuff there, mostly chloros.

Oh yes, I added another video clip. This one is from Lupin III season 2 episode 75. It's a gas scene involving Fujiko. I had the screenshots that Jett posted on the Chloroforum over the summer, but he never told me the episode. I tried contacting him over and over but he never responded. I finally sent the screens to a Lupin III expert and he told me the answer immediately. The anime community can be so helpful at times.

I just got back from my brother's little art show. He had his own little wall showcasing his portfolio. Did you know he's going to attend Washington University in St. Louis to become an architect? I highly doubt he will succeed, I think he should do illustrations. I really want him to draw me something, but he is so freaking stubborn. I offer him fame, money, everything but he's indifferent on the issue.

I thought about what people said about me trying to get him to "like" bondage. I don't know about you, but I think it's possible to get someone to "like" bondage. The prime example is myself. I originally disliked bondage, didn't think it was anything special. Then I visited AVGDID and started looking at more and more DiD. Eventually, something inside me clicked and I realized bondage is actually pretty cool. I'm even writing a paper on it!

I'm about to give up on my lame brother and just wait until someone on AVGDID draws something involving chloroform. I'm hoping this website will start influencing the artists on that board.

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May 04, 2007 06:28 PM | 2

What the hell? I just noticed that the filer website is down. That means clips can't be downloaded! What happened? I have no idea, I'll try to figure this out. All the filer sites are down, not just mine.

Update: Okay I figured out the problem and fixed it. Video clips are back up, after like a 15 minute downtime. Sweet!!

UPdate: okay, this does not look good. It was up, then it was down. Make up your stupid mind server!!!

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Handgag makes me feel silly

May 05, 2007 08:32 PM | 9
I have to admit, that image on the left made me really excited for a while. I actually thought I had found a comic book chloro scene, something that is so rare in today's world. If you look at the scan, it seems as if Nightwing is pushing a little black cloth into Sasha Bordeaux's mouth. Fooled me. It turns out the "cloth" was Nightwing's finger. That was a good laugh. I even added it to the database, but took it off when I realized what it was. I still like to pretend it's a chloro, and it's a good handgag anyway.

I updated the clips page with the full chloro clip from D. Gray-Man ep 30. I also updated the comics database with some assorted and gas scenes: Wonder Woman v2 #58 and Checkmate #13.

I seriously find sleepy content almost every day now. It's gotten so routine. I get up, check if I have any scene alerts. I investigate any interesting alerts, delete all the spam. Occasionally Lost One Zero will send me a video clip. Other people will email me comic scans. Yeah, it's a lot of fun running this site.

Quick question: does anyone actually visit the "male KOs" section? I added a F/M injection scene I found recently. I realized that I could easily create a database of male KO's, but only if there is a market for them. Right now, I've decided I can start posting select F/M style scenes. As always, I will post ANY chloro scene. Send an alert and see what happens.

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Missing Content

May 06, 2007 08:06 PM | 0
Okay thanks for all the feedback on my previous post. Right now though, I need help from you guys, the community. I am still missing a lot of well known scenes in the comics database. In particular, I know for certain I am missing chloro scenes from possibly Kerry Drake and an unknown manga. I lost a huge chunk of data last year in a reformatting accident. I know many of you probably saved scans from the very old "chloro_comics" Yahoo group. If you did, look through your files and if you find something that I have not posted please send it to me because chances are I do not have that scan.

Also, does anybody remember when Project X posted his entire archive on the Chloroforum? I just realized, I did not download his entire archive. I am missing his "contact KO's parts 1,2" and "unconscious/fainting" archives. If somebody could upload those archives to rapidshare or sendspace, I could update the database with those scans.

Thanks in advance to anyone who sends me something.

In related news, I went ballistic last night and found a TON of KO scenes. Needless to say, there is going to be another huge update in the next few days.

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Big Wonder Woman update

May 08, 2007 02:21 AM | 4
I just updated the database with a whole bunch of Silver Age Wonder Woman knockouts, thanks to a user who alerted me to them. There are also some good KO's from Shanna the She-Devil, World's Finest and Captain America. I'm really starting to fill in the gaps in the database. I just need those missing Project X archives.

I wonder if it's possible to find over 100 Wonder Woman knockouts. I currently have 65. It would be a true milestone if I could accomplish that task.

The anime Darker than Black had another KO scene; this time it was a gas KO. A cute girl gets knocked out when a guy throws a gas canister into her car. The clip has already been added, and it was donated by LoZ.

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I Speak About Bondage

May 10, 2007 12:20 AM | 3
Here is something that many of you have probably never had to experience: going in front of a classroom and talking about bondage. That's exactly what I did on Monday evening for my comic book class. I had to give a brief five minute presentation on my paper's topic, which was on the influence of bondage in comics.

Most of the other people who talked were so boring. One guy talked about Neil Gaiman's Sandman and it made absolutely no sense. A lot of people were going beyond the 5 minute limit. While everyone else spoke sitting in their chairs, I literally got up and spoke in the front of the class. People have no balls these days.

Nobody in the class ever expected for me to present this topic, it was kept a secret (only the professor knew). So I went to the front, opened my Powerpoint and said "I did my paper on the influence of bondage in comics." Boy did that get a few smiles and chuckles. I talked about how bondage used to be so prevalent in comics, but now it is a rare thing. I showed them how the decreasing Wonder Woman bondage over the years correlated to the decline in comic sales. I concluded by saying that "we don't live in the era where a woman can be tied with dignity."

You see i genuinely believe how women are portrayed in comics can affect sales. Women in comics today are frightening, just look at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman in 2007 is virtually unstoppable. In the 1970's she could easily get knocked out; I just added a whole bunch of Wonder Woman head KO's. I mean, what happened between 1970 and 1990? All of a sudden, we have to shoot a woman in the spine in order to prove that she is "strong". That was basically the thesis of my paper. Interestingly, one of the co-instructors for this class is a comic writer (for something called "Phantom Jack"). I went up to him and said "you should do a bondage cover." He's like "nah, no".

For this site, I updated the comics database. There are some good Wasp KO's that Dave recently alerted me to. I need more Wasp KO's, she is one of the best Silver Age damsels in distress.

I added three more video clips, all thanks to alerts. See, alerts actually work. You just have to try it to believe it.

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Another Minor Design Change

May 10, 2007 09:37 PM | 3
Today I made another design change to the comics database. I added links to the "Issue" column in the comics database. The link takes you to a new page which shows a thumbnail preview of a comic scan and all the information about the scene. It's basically the same thing I do on the video clips page. The reason for this change is because I felt navigating the giant list of scenes with all those tiny numbered links was confusing and annoying. I've decided to remove that column of tiny numbered links for the time being, just to try this out. If you guys don't like it I'll go back.

The new comics info page has a navigator on the bottom that can goto the previous and next records. It also has a link to a random scene in the database. Since I just created this, there could be some errors. If you see a weird bug let me know so I can fix it.
I implemented a little feature that counts the number of times a scene is viewed. Hopefully after some time, it will give a rough sense of which scene is the most popular. The scene counter may seem kind of glitchy at first (especially the comics scene counter). I'm also afraid someone might try to artificially inflate the scene counters, but no one could possibly have that dismal of a life.

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May 12, 2007 11:54 PM | 3
Okay I updated the database with some more scenes I found. It's mostly from Marvel comics, nothing too special.

I really like the new comic scene navigator. I have so many scans that I sometimes forget what I've seen! I enjoy clicking the "random" link because it always takes me to a scene I had forgotten about. I think it's a really cool feature! Plus I can track which scene is most viewed, although right now it is always the most recently added. The hope is that certain scenes will be more popular than others and it will be reflected in the view count.

Okay I am tired so that is all I will say for now.

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May 14, 2007 06:02 PM | 3
As you have probably seen, I brought back the "scans" column on the database page. The reason is that I thought it would be a good idea to keep the old style because people are just so used to it. I do like the navigator, so I kept that as well. I encourage you to use the navigator, even if it's only for the random scene generator. I'm also testing a feature that keeps track of the most popular scenes of the day.

The Doujin page has been updated with some scans I found on AVGDID. I updated the comics database with more scenes, mostly Marvel comics again but I got some Star Trek scans too that someone sent me. I have not updated the video clips page in a while, maybe sometime in the future I will add some old clips.

In other news, I purchased an Xbox 360 gaming console with Gears of War. Originally wanted to get a Wii but those things are impossible to find.

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May 18, 2007 06:03 PM | 4
Site updates have been slow, but I have not forgotten! I am just not finding knockout scenes in comics; girls are staying awake much too often in comics today. c3c somtimes turns something interesting up; I added some Superman newspaper strip KO scenes. There is another Red Sonja head KO I found that wasn't too bad. Found one more Wonder Woman "bullet-grazing" KO. I find it hard to believe that heroines are so lucky they can dodge a bullet by an inch.

I found a colored version of Red Sonja's drugged drink scene in Conan #48. I also found a colored version of Vampirella's knockout in Vampirella #16. Those entries have been updated with the newer scans.

Still searching for more chloro scenes in comics. Comics today are in such a sad sad state because superheroines are just never knocked out anymore! It's as if comics can't show ANY sort of violence against women, otherwise the feminists will come out and scream inequality. When will comic writers learn that men and women are not the same, that women are supposed to be damsels in distress?!?!

UPDATE: Okay, I added yet another feature, but this will take some time to settle in. Each scene now has two fields, "bondage" and "gender role", which essentially tells you if the scene has bondage in it and whether the scene is M/F or F/F. Right now I am the only one who can edit those entries. Basically all I do is just browse through my collection and modify each entry. It's actually really easy for me, all I have to do is click a link. Later when this is finished you should be able to use the database search page to filter out all the M/F scenes. I am doing this because people are picky...nah, I'm actually doing it because I have nothing else better to do.

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May 21, 2007 12:45 AM | 3
The database has been updated once again! Everything starting with New Avengers #12 is new. I looked through a comic series I've never heard of before, called "E-man". It had a good damsel in distress character called Nova Kane so KO scenes were fairly abundant. I'd say it was a good choice to go through that series (and you are about to see why shortly because I have a cool surprise for everybody).

I am about halfway done browsing through my entire collection and checking if the scene is "F/F" and if it has bondage. I even added those two fields into the visible list (after removing the "ratings" column, because I felt it added little value). So there you have it; in a short while you should be able to tell which scenes are F/F and which scenes have bondage. All future scenes will have that information filled out already. About 50% of them are still question marks which means I haven't gotten there yet.

One page I recommend people visit is my database stats section. It tells you how many scenes of each kind I have, which scenes were the most popular for the day and for all time and it even has a list of the top 10 most knocked out women in comics. Fascinating stuff.
So enjoy the latest update and come back soon because I found something truly awesome that I am very excited about (hint: it's something I have not found in a really really long time).

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After months of searching...

May 23, 2007 09:54 AM | 1
I did it. I finally found another chloroforming scene in a comic. It took months but I did it.

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May 26, 2007 12:01 AM | 5
Time for another update. I hope all of you know about the recently added page. For some reason I am not registering many hits for that page. I think it should be really popular because it lists all the newest additions to the sleepy comics database, THE greatest database ever.

You know I began searching for sleepy scenes since March of 2006? Yeah, I've been on the hunt for over a year already. This site is nearing its one year anniversary. It's incredible how fast time flies: one minute I am sitting at my PC lurking on the Chloroforum, and the next minute I am sitting at my PC working on, which is in my opinion the best sleepy content site ever created. I don't know if I like this though because my search methods are on the level of industrialization. Every single day I am bombarded by scenes of women being knocked unconscious...and I freaking love it. No matter how many times I see Wonder Women get knocked out, it never gets old. Sometimes while I am updating this site, I will just say to myself: "Damn! I really really like this stuff!"

So, I added a bunch of new scenes. Some good scenes I recommend are She-Hulk v2 #18 (great injection scene), Wonder Woman #266 (Wonder Girl getting knocked unconscious and tied up) and Wonder Woman #272 (Which has a great Huntress Head KO). Dave sent me some of those Wonder Woman alerts, so I thank him.

You'll notice on each comic scene's page there is a link that says "Missing Scans Report". I noticed some curious people have already clicked on it. Basically it's a way for you to alert me if a scan is missing. Imageshack has been pretty reliable (albeit very slow), although I have gone back to Photobucket because I now have a Pro account (which means unlimited bandwith, YAY). Just click that link if a scan is missing. It will basically put that comic scene's ID number in a list that I can just go through. So don't be afraid to use the error reporting tool, but don't use it if there isn't an error.

I hope people are liking the new fields I added to each comic scene, "Gender Roles" and "Bondage". I've modified about 70% of my entire collection so far.

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This Is A Blog

May 30, 2007 09:26 PM | 2
Since this is a blog, I am going to start treating it like one. I've been using it to simply post site design updates recently, and that has probably bored you to death. I think I'll talk a little bit about what's going on in my life (the life of a sleepy enthusiast).

I got hired to be a programmer for a Ph.D student at my university. It pays pretty good and it's a lot more fun than working at the amusement park. The amusement park I am referring to is Geauga Lake, oh my God it is the worst place you can work. They expect you to work 50 hours a week in the hot sun and I swear they treat you like slaves. The orientation was like serious brainwashing.

On the other hand, my current job as a programmer is so laid back. I can work at my own pace, take breaks whenever I want for as long as I want. The hours are flexible, and it's probably because it's just two people working on the project. Oh yeah, this project is pretty ambitious. We are trying to simulate the entire human body in software.

My brother just purchased a Nintendo Wii game console. I still stand by the Xbox 360 however, as it clearly has the most superior software. Too bad I don't have an HDTV to play Gears of War in full 720p resolution. But hey, we might get one soon. Interesting thing about Gears of War: there is like no women in this game. Just a bunch of big guys shooting things. I think I saw a woman once in this game. You'd think a game for men would feature more women.

By the way, did any of you know that I am a juggler? I can juggle 3-4 balls, 3 clubs and diabolos (up to two). I have performed many shows over the course of the year. I am currently working on 5 ball juggling, and let me tell you, it is freaking hard. My goal is to get it by the end of this summer.

On Memorial Day I saw the strangest sight. While driving to the local zoo I suddenly saw a huge shadow pass overhead. I turned my head left and saw a plane flying really low. It flew lower until it was hidden by the trees. I don't know what happened to it. My first reaction was that the plane crashed, but it didn't. In retrospect, I think it was military aircraft flying over the Memorial Day parade.

For my final thoughts of the day, I will be reviewing a movie. This movie is called "The Promise" (2005) (IMDB Profile) and I watched it last night. I think it's the most expensive Chinese movie ever made. It...sucked. You might look at the trailer and poster and think "oh this can't be so bad, it looks like a decent epic". Oh my God, if you watch this movie you will literally want to get up and gouge your eyes out. The plot...what plot? This movie made absolutely no sense. It was about a girl who made a promise to a goddess, and then there was a guy who could run really really fast (in horrible CGI) and then there was a villain who loved bondage. The bondage subtext in this movie wasn't even subliminal. I am not kidding, in this movie the guys get tied up like 7 times; there is a scene where the villain orders the girl to dress up like a bird and sit in a giant bird cage; later on she is tied up in a chair. And these bondage scenes involved elaborate knots and contraptions. OH MY GOD. What else: acting sucked, no romantic connection between characters, CGI was gay. Overall, I give this movie a 1/10 (F).

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