Jun 06, 2007 07:14 AM | 4
Time for another update. This one's good. Clara, a fan of my site, sent me some nice European chloroform scenes. I posted them in Unknown Comics and Unknown Diabolik. There's also a couple new scenes added to the database. I updated some entries too. I found a follow up to one of my favorite head KO scenes, from Marvel Legends UK. It's basically a Sharon Carter bondage scene. I like the bondage panel because it's so classical, with the ropes and over the mouth gag. It also feels out of place in today's comic book; bondage is something that is hardly found anymore.
I also modified this Mary Jane chloroforming to include an extra bondage panel. That should be enough for now. I haven't updated the video clips page in a month because honestly, I haven't found anything that good and I have been either really busy (playing Xbox 360 Live) or lazy.

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I Hope You Like Xena

Jun 12, 2007 09:31 PM | 3
You know, during summer I get really really lazy. I get so lazy that it takes several days before I get the motivation to update this site. Sometimes I will be obsessed with this site, updating it every other day. Right now I'm in this period where I am not so interested in seeing girls unconscious (but believe me, I think about it pretty much every second). My point is that my sleepy interest can be cyclical and I'm currently in a trough.

I went through some Xena comics and found some pretty decent knockouts. Those are in the database as we speak. I also found two gas KO's that were in "Outsiders #48" and "Nightwing #133", both featuring Nightwing oddly enough. In this day and age knockout gas is a very rare sight, although it's still popular in cartoon shows.

I also updated the "unknown comics" section with some scenes Monsieur Paul sent me. I am very grateful for them.

You know I haven't checked this site in a while and when I looked at the "unknown comics" page I noticed that three scans were removed by Photobucket. There wasn't even any nudity in them!! These image hosting companies piss me off so much because their service is so unreliable. I can't be sure if all my pictures will be here tomorrow. If Photobucket cancelled my account this site would be so fucked it wouldn't even be funny.
My brother is playing Super Paper Mario on his Wii and he said there is an enemy plant that shoots out poisonous gas. He told me about it thinking I would be interested. I wasn't turned on by the idea, but that scene where Princess Peach was lying on the ground unconscious was pretty cool.

Okay time to look through some more comics.

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Found some more stuff

Jun 18, 2007 10:45 PM | 0
Oh man it's been great lately. LoZ posted another nice chloro pic on AVGDID, and today someone else posted yet another chloro pic. Chloroform seems to be getting more and more popular over there. Everyday brings something new.

I found my share of knockout scenes too. Remember this great Natacha chloro scene? Well I found the aftermath to it, and it turned out to be a nice wakeup scene. I found a scene where Natacha is knocked out with a gun butt to the head. So much potential with this girl, I wish I could find more of this comic. Natacha's chloroforming scene is one of my all time favorites because the sequence is panned out perfectly. There is one panel of her in distress as the guy is coming towards her with the sponge, and then there is a panel where she is struggling to fight off the fumes. In the very next panel she goes limp. It's actually quite rare to see a damsel go limp in a comic after a chloroforming. We get blessed with several shots of her unconscious and then a hot wakeup scene. Europeans man...they know their shit.
Other than that my finds have been very sparse. I found a Zatanna faint scene (she runs out of air while in space), a Wonder Girl KO and a weird Family Guy gas scene (I did not expect that one at all). It's fun to just browse through random comics; it's a real time killer.

My life is pretty unremarkable right now. I drive 45 minutes to work every weekday, for my job as a software engineerer. When I come home I take a big nap and at night I like to play some video games. I'm currently playing Halo on PC. It's really fun but I still fail to see what is so good about it. I might have to pick up Halo 3 just so I can play the multiplayer. I'm looking to play Half-Life for the PC again because it's such an awesome game and I haven't played it in a long time.

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Stupid Piece of Plastic Causes Misery

Jun 23, 2007 06:01 PM | 1
On Friday I was driving into the parking lot to goto work like usual. In order to get into the lot you need to use your ID card. Whatever, no big deal. It takes about 7 minutes to walk to my building. When I get to the lab I find out that I didn't have my ID card which I needed to get into the room. My first thought is that this card is in my car still, so I walk all the way back to my car. A quick search in my car didn't turn up the ID card. Okay now I am starting to get worried. My next thought was that the card was in my sweater pocket, which was back at the lab. So I walk all the way back to the lab only to find that the card wasn't in my sweater either!! I was absolutely baffled as to how I could lose this card in such a short time span. I decided to goto the Access Services office to purchase a new ID card (which is CLEARLY the simplest option). I didn't know that a new card costs $25. I had about $20 in cash and no checks. The office would not take my Discover card. I could not goto the ATM because by some strange chance I lost my ATM card a few days ago. So I had absolutely no way to buy a new ID card. My only option was to disable the card to prevent unauthorized use. I walked 10 minutes back to my car to do a more thorough search. I looked in the tiny crack next to the seat and I saw a little piece of plastic standing vertically. I stared at it for a minute before reaching in and taking it out. I then sat there and thought about life before calling Access Service to enable the card. All this wasted about an hour of my life.

I updated the database today. There is nothing really eye popping, although I really like the Arrowette KO scene someone on c3c posted. I've always wanted to see Arrowette get knocked out but she was always such a tough character. To show my appreciation for all the KO scenes people are posting on c3c, I started posting all my bondage finds.

Well, that's all I have for now.

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I Love the Smell of HALOTHANE in the Morning...

Jun 28, 2007 08:38 PM | 7
...it smells like, sweet sweet victory.

Here is a link to the full scene from Adam Warren's "Empowered #1". This book is unbelievable, there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much bondage. I mean every single story in this book has Empowered getting the full treatment, ropes, gags, everything. When I found this chloroforming it was like angels came down from Heaven. It was like winning the lottery.

What an interesting choice for an anesthetic though: HALOTHANE?!?! I can just envision what happened in the editor's office when Adam presented his script:

Warren: "Here is the final script for Empowered."

Editor: "Ah ok. Wait, what is this? Chloroform? Isn't that the stuff rapists use? I can't have this in my book!"

Warren: "You're offended by my use of chloroform, yet all this explicit bondage doesn't bother you at all?"

Editor: "Well we all know that sex sells! But we need to modify 'chloroform' into an anesthetic that doesn't have such a negative connotation. What are your thoughts?"

Warren: "Well, a lot of writers use 'ether' as a valid substitute for chloroform..."

Editor: "Nonsense! An archaic anesthetic is unacceptable! What's the stuff they use in hospitals today, halothane?"

Warren: "Hmm, well I guess I can just soak the rag with some halothane and call it a day."

Editor: "Good man. Now make those ball gags tighter so we can sell more of this shit."

Next they're going to be soaking rags with Fentanyl.

What else turned up recently? How about another Red Sonja drugged drink KO. When Red Sonja is drugged, WE ALL WIN!!

Okay, I'm going to take a break from talking about women getting drugged to talk about my exciting life. On Tuesday I went to Cedar Point. What a bad decision, considering it was like 100 degrees outside. I rode a total of 5 rides: Magnum, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Power Tower and Millenium Force. My brother rode more rides and he even rode Maverick twice. The line for Maverick was an hour long. The ride itself is very intense, but fun nonetheless. We somehow managed to get on Top Thrill without waiting in line! Top Thrill is simply the most incredible ride I've ever experienced.

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