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Battling a masked villain SW is surprised by another masked man who is indeed a very nice guy. He ties her up at flashlight and gag her, then leave her in a haunted house. Bonus: a little scene with a ghost in the haunted house where she faint unconscious. She regain consciusness out of scene. Source: comicsworld....
Jan 30, 2010 24 8
Supergirl is blasted unconscious. She wakes up chained to a pillar. This is also the final issue in the Many Happy Returns saga.
Sep 19, 2009 24 6
Artist: Shadedarkstorm. This is one of my favorite original pieces. Very good art. I found this sketch comic on the Slumberville Chloroforum, maybe around 2005. The scene involves Wonder Woman getting into an altercation with some shadowy enemies. The shadowy enemies are able to overpower Wonder Woman with chloroform....
Jun 14, 2008 23 3
I think it's safe to say, this art is by Ed Benes? Amazing two page spread showing Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Vixen captured and bound to a fancy contraption. A very busty Wonder Woman is unconscious, front and center! A metal clamp gags Black Canary, who is also unconscious. Superman looks on in shock, as a defi...
Aug 03, 2008 23 1
Artist: Lost One Zero. One of his best pieces in my opinion. Batgirl is waiting near a shipping dock for "The Whiskers" to show up. "The Whiskers" is an original female cat villain, probably based off Catwoman. The Batgirl version in this comic is based off the early Batman syndicated TV show. Anyway, one of The Whi...
Jun 08, 2008 22 2
For some reason I've always enjoyed the panels from Sensation comics 77, where WW got knocked out by this creepy old dude. I guess because he's powerless. I asked mhunt to do a reinterpretation of these panels with some suggestions. lmk what you think :)
Aug 30, 2011 22 1


Power Girl is caught in a self-destructing ship. I really like the way the artists drew Power Girl in this issue, I think it's totally sexy.
Sep 23, 2009 22 3
In this issue of Zatanna's own comic, she was accompanied with a demon to take a look into her past. As the dream ends, she wakes up to realize that she has been tied up. The sexy heroine finds herself tied to a bed and cleave gagged with rope over her mouth. She quickly breaks free. Would have been a 5-star scene if s...
May 01, 2011 22 6
The first chloroform scene with Adam Warren's new sexy superheroine. I loved this scene when I first saw it. This volume was the beginning of many peril scenes for Empowered. Empowered is drugged with halothane, and then bound and gagged.
Jun 07, 2008 22 1
Original comic by Sleeping Nymph Source: Original
Sep 03, 2011 22 7
I like the sequence. Hesitated to upload since I've uploaded a lot from this source before, but here it is. Source:
Apr 01, 2010 21 4
So I know many of these pieces of art have been seen before, but I decided to collect them all in one place. All of these are by Al Rio and were found on I highly recommend you check out Al Rio's work, he is amazing. This collection only has peril related art I found. Lots of great stuff her! ...
May 07, 2012 21 14
A short haired girl with glasses visits a store in hopes of buying some lingerie. She goes into the fitting room where she tries some sexy clothing on. Out of nowhere, someone chloroforms her and she wakes up bound. Contributed by: Might also be known as: [Yoru no Oto] Woman Investigator K - Narc...
Dec 26, 2009 21 3
Classic comic from Monsieur Paul. Black Canary is captured while on a mission.
Jun 13, 2012 21 9
Great scene. The thing she is eating is called "flan". [Redlight] Tomodachi no Haha wo Okasu ~ Mou Gaman Dekinai Keywords: pastry, Alternative title: Doing Your Best Friend's Mother (Doujinshi)
Jun 16, 2008 21 1
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This, along with the scene from Ruse #22, is considered one of the top chloroform scenes ever made. Emma Bishop, lead character of Crossgen's Ruse, is putting makeup on in her bedroom. An invisible figure sneaks into the room, holding a red cloth. The invisible man attempts to chloroform Emma. The panel on page #3 is ...
Jun 07, 2008 21 5
Preview of the upcoming Paula Peril comic book, from Atlantis Studios... Now THIS looks promising! Source: Atlantis Studios Website
Jan 20, 2010 20 1
Famous cover scene by Ed Coutts. Blue Bulleteer gets chloroformed by a baddie. One of my favorite chloroform scenes ever.
Jun 07, 2008 20 1
Sexy peril sequence involving Pantha, Vampirella and a motorcycle gang.
Aug 19, 2008 20 7
Nice cover scene Internal splash page also has a nice unconscious scene. Also included a brief bondage panel.
Sep 14, 2009 20 3
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