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Contributed by Sleeping Nymph
Oct 23, 2008 40 18
I have to give a special thanks to the user eriepatrick for donating the original artwork to me. The full scene can now be viewed exclusively on! This three page comic from ChadTheH features a whole bunch of Marvel Girls getting captured. First, we see Spider-Woman, The Wasp and Tigra, who appear to ...
Nov 10, 2008 35 6
I really like this scene! A dance teacher (wearing a sexy leotard no less) is approached by some of her male students. The students are wearing protective dust masks over their face, supposedly because of a flu or something. Anyway, the male students convince the dance instructor to put on a dust mask. The mask co...
Dec 26, 2009 35 5
Power Girl is beaten up and put into a chamber which tries to get inside her brain.
Jul 13, 2009 32 5
Four amazing pieces of artwork showing Black Canary getting knocked out. The way Monsieur Paul draws art, really accenuates the sleepy aspect. There is such good detail in the eyes and mouth of the damsel. Artist: Monsieur Paul.
Jun 14, 2008 31 4
Two sexy female detectives are kidnapped one by one. The first one is grabbed and pulled into a dark alley. The second Asian detective is lured into a warehouse by a suspicious looking man. She is quickly chloroformed and tied up. The two detectives wake up tape gagged. Later (after some cutting out some inappropriate...
Jun 20, 2010 30 6
Empowered faces her weirdest foe yet...The Chloroformaster! He's a super villain from the mind of Adam Warren, created to parody the sleepy fetish community. Empowered is given a holiday scented chloroform and passes out. The scene pokes fun at the sleepy fetish community, and their obsession with correct terminol...
Jun 07, 2008 30 2
In this story, Empowered has to go undercover as a "sexy librarian", because the villain of the story is literally obsessed with that kind of trope. Empy walks through the library wearing the ridiculous outfit, complete with glasses. Very suddenly, she is chloroformed and kidnapped by an unseen thug. She's gagged and ...
Jun 07, 2008 29 3
Original art by Lost One Zero that I came across on Deviantart. Contributed by Lost One Zero (LoZ).
Jul 25, 2009 29 3
Quite the story arc by MonsieurPaul! During a mission to infiltrate a crime lord's house during a party, our 4 heroines are knocked out with blackjacks, chloroformed, gassed and subdued! Source:
Sep 27, 2012 29 14
Warning: Mature content. Avengelyne is hypnotized to sleep. She wakes up chained in a dungeon. Lots of unconscious views.
Oct 04, 2009 28 8
One of the greatest chloroform covers ever drawn. The artist is Brian Bolland. The cover depicts Catwoman being chloroformed from behind by Batman. There's a subtle sexual tension, with Catwoman trying to stay awake, while Batman's hand holds her stomach. Catwoman wraps a whip around Batman's neck, trying to escape....
Jun 07, 2008 27 9
Hellcat and Black Cat get into a catfight! Hellcat manages to send Black Cat into a wall, knocking her out cold. While Black Cat is falling, she gets tied up in Hellcat's rope. The third page has a very sexy image of Black Cat unconscious and bound. I felt that panel was extraordinary, because it combined elements...
Jun 07, 2008 27 4
A throwback to the old days when Sue Storm was knocked out all the time.
Jun 07, 2008 27 3
In this color hentai comic, Shiida from the video game Fire Emblem finds herself captured and chloroformed by some guys in the woods. This is her character info: Keywords: fantasy, doujinshi, Shiida, Fire Emblem. Source:
Dec 01, 2009 26 2
In what will most likely go down as a classic, Zatanna is shown bound and tape gagged in this late issue of DC Comics' 'Power Girl'. Description from user Cantapatucha: 'You might think Power Girl and Superman would be more than up to the task of taking down a few dozen dinosaurs - but we forgot to mention they were m...
Mar 17, 2011 25 6
From an adult comic, simply titled "Abductors". I edited out the inappropriate parts. It was found on (warning lots of nudity). Pretty good chloro scene though.
Sep 19, 2009 25 3
Another chloro scene from a doujin. Cute school girl with pleated skirt just walks right into an ambush. She wakes up gagged with a whiffle ball. Some panty shots. Title keywords: (COMIC1☆02) [Studio Wallaby (Nagisa Minami)] Troublekko Source:
Dec 26, 2009 25 3
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A group of men enter a mansion and chloroform all the women in it. The artwork is fantastic! Contributed by Anonyman256. Seriously though, this is like the best chloroform scene ever.
Jun 07, 2008 25 8
Contributed by ChadtheH ( (Special thanks to Chad for donating the larger scans!) Don't forget to check out Chad's deviantart page. This is one of my favorite pieces from ChadTheH. In this scene, Batgirl attempts to locate The Riddler, but he surprises her and chloroforms her! The Riddler ...
Aug 03, 2008 24 2
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