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Final issue. Some various bondage scenes. This issue was a litle light.
Oct 14, 2009 13 5
Avengelyne is knocked out (off panel) and crucified. You can tell she was head KO'd because she says " head." There is also this nice panel of Shi sleeping peacefully (she wasn't knocked out).
Oct 04, 2009 13 4
Monsieur Paul drew this pic recently and allowed me to add it to my site! It's a fake comic cover showing Green Arrow chloroforming Black Canary, probably in an attempt to protect her or something (you know, a "friendly KO"). It's really well done. Please thank MPaul!
Nov 13, 2009 13 1
The Monster from the Lost Lagoon chloroforms Sue Storm, in what is one of the most classic scenes of all time. There is even a great cover scene! Invisible Woman is waiting in a hospital for Reed, when she is suddenly attacked by the Lagoon monster. The monster uses chloroform on Sue Storm, and she is unable to turn ...
Jun 07, 2008 13 3
Smugglers are trying to smuggle stolen paintings from Europe into So. America for a million dollars. Senorita Rio has discovered the plot, but the smugglers are onto her. A fake death of a Rio look alike is planned at a public restaurant where the real Senorita R. is dining, and in the confusion at the restaurant, ba...
Dec 11, 2009 13 11
Again, just an assortment of bondage scenes from just this volume. There's a scene where Hikari (the girl on the cover) is strapped to a chair. She is strapped to an operating table. She is strapped to a contraption with James Bond style peril. In another scene she is bound and gagged on a railroad track. She dangles ...
Oct 14, 2009 13 12
French comic. Another lucky find! The girl is really cute too. Edit: This has got to be one of the finest European scenes out there. The setup is great, the art is good and the girl is a hot nurse. There's even a 'uniform stealing' at the end. All around good scene.
Jul 06, 2009 13 3
Comic from Monsieur Paul that has virtually all kind of knockouts. It has a nice double chloro at the end too!
Jun 13, 2012 13 13
Keywords: abduction, anime, time to sleep, kidnapping
Aug 27, 2011 13 5
Vampirella gets into a big brawl with some weird people at a prison. She's kicked around by cheerleader first, but Vampi manages to beat her. Next she fights this big farmer dude, who throws her around. She still is still standing, but the big farmer dude throws a wooden chair at Vampirella's head. This finally knocks ...
Jul 04, 2012 13 7
Wonder Woman and Supergirl get gassed to sleep in a trap set by Lex Luthor. The gas is a mixture of chloroform and kryptonite gas. Great original comic by Monsieur Paul.
Jun 11, 2012 13 10
A nice chloroforming from an anime that was just released a few months ago. Download link is below under "remote links". Source: (lib)
Sep 08, 2009 13 2
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
I had mhunt do a sequence of the fight between Sue and the Black Panther from S02E09. Prey of the Black Panther from the animated series. After that I adjusted some details in the aftermath. Lmk if you like it. I do :) Source: comission
Sep 08, 2011 13 2
This scene actually ends up a lot worse than it seems. Basically, these three mutants are kidnapped (not shown) by an anti-mutant organization. They inject the mutants with an agent that causes them to lose control of their powers. Keywords: Boom Boom
Jul 23, 2009 13 4
Various unconscious scenes from this issue. There's a scene where an unconscious girl is being washed by other girls. There's panty shots if you're into that thing. Overall, pretty fetishy manga.
Oct 26, 2009 13 4
The Huntress gets caught while entering a house. She's pulled inside by the hair and gets a neck shop, then a punch. She's then OTS carried away and dumped onto a table. Source: some blog
Nov 21, 2009 13 3
Wonder Woman is tied up with her own Golden Lasso and gassed by the Red Skull. It's a beautiful commission made by Captive 2D Source: Deviant Art
Apr 13, 2012 13 1
By Sleepingnymph You can request a commision. Send me your script to [email protected]
Mar 04, 2011 13 4
A group of women get knocked out via neck chops. The featured girl in this scene is the sexy one wearing an eye patch. She's knocked out, and the bad guys who do it undress her. Pretty risque scene; had to sensor it, otherwise it's too pornographic. The censorsed panels are actually very good, and those interested in ...
Jun 21, 2012 13 12
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