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Black Canary gets a dose of sleeping gas to the face.
Jun 14, 2008 12 1
This manga is about a jungle girl, who I think is based on Shanna the She-Devil (based on her name, Shanana). In this scene, the jungle girl is chloroformed in her sleep by someone who needs a sample of her blood. The first three panels are taken from Volume 1 actually, just to provide some background on the characte...
May 28, 2012 12 9
This is just a great Vampirella story, featuring two well drawn knockouts. The story is simply titled 'Bugs - An Infestation of Fear'. The writer is Kurt Busiek and the artist is Arthur Adams. The story STARTS off with Vampirella getting knocked out by a bug in the woods. The bugs launch a webbing at Vampi that causes...
Jun 07, 2008 12 7
As I have said so many times before Matt Baker is the absolute King of Good Girl Art, and in issue #19 of Phantom Lady, he proves it all over again. What a gal!! In this issue some baddies with a model airplane and a highly explosive bomb are intent on blowing up the United Nations (the year is 1949, just for the reco...
Jul 27, 2011 12 14
The Black Widow head ko'd by El Jaguar (rather forgetable Kraven The Hunter knockoff)..lovely closeup..very rare for this era.. Source: Comicsworld
Dec 02, 2009 12 1
She-Hulk encounters some robotic enemies. She puts up a good fight, but one of the robots pulls out a sleeping gas weapon. He places the gas mask over She-Hulk's mouth, and the gas renders her unconscious very quickly. The robots carry her to an operating table and she is rolled away. Art by So...
Jul 09, 2012 12 2
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The cover has amazing artwork of Aspen laying unconscious. Keywords: road, water, unconscious, fathom, aspen, michael turner
Jun 07, 2008 12 3
Real title: [Mental Specialist (Watanabe Yoshimasa)] Prescription Vol.5 (Dirty Pair)
Jun 16, 2008 12 1
From a CG video game. An office lady is chloroformed. Source:
May 21, 2012 12 3
This whole scene involves Dream Girl and Braniac getting kidnapped by an alien force. An alien mercenary captures Braniac first (he was their target), and Dream Girl tries to stop it. The alien wraps Dream Girl in its tenticles, which causes her to pass out. The two Legionnaires are taken to the alien base, where one ...
May 16, 2012 12 6
They try to put her to sleep with a gas mask.
Jun 07, 2008 11 9
Brave and the Bold issue starring Batman and Zatanna. The cover depicts Zatanna hand gagged and in peril. It's great art. In the story, Zatanna fights a bunch of mobsters. She is about to defeat them, when she falls unconscious. The room was filled with sleeping gas! Just before Zatanna passes out, she uses her ma...
Jun 07, 2008 11 4
Contributed by ChadtheH.
Aug 03, 2008 11 1
Zatanna is held and gagged with a metal pole, while her soul is sucked out of her.
Oct 25, 2009 11 6
This is a wonderful piece of art by Lost One Zero. It features the Sailor Senshi and their evil doubles. All the Senshi are bound and gagged. Just an awesome awesome drawing. Contributed by Lost One Zero. You can view lots of other art at his website: I am archiving some of hi...
Sep 02, 2009 11 7
Contributed by Suicide (
Aug 03, 2008 11 2
Dinah Lance (aka, our favorite heroine Black Canary) goes undercover at a hospital in order to find out more about "The Man Bear". She undresses from her Black Canary costume, and gets some information from a nurse at a desk. She then walks into an empty area of the hospital, only to get chloroformed by one of the cro...
Jun 07, 2008 11 2
Harvey Publications had a great thing going when Lee Elias did the art work for the first Black Cat series in 1946 (long before Marvel introduced their platinum blonde version five decades later). Her alter ego was Linda Turner (most probably a take off on a 40's Hollywood superstar named "Lana Turner"?) a gorgeous re...
Jan 04, 2010 11 13
Various covers from Agent X9. Many of them feature Modesty Blaise. Contributed by c3c
Sep 01, 2009 11 17
Various ko's from Jean-Claude Forest's 60's French comic book..translated into English to go with the release of the famed Jane Fonda movie. I personally like the art, but it's not everyonoe's cup of tea.. Source: Comicsworld
Dec 18, 2009 11 4
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