Lupin III S2 ep 75 (Yet Another Fujiko KO scene)

May 02, 2007 12:51 AM

Here is an interesting list I'd like to show everyone. It's the top ten list of the most downloaded clips in April. The number one clip for pretty much the whole month was "Darker than Black", followed by the preview from D. Gray Man ep 30. Reporter Blues episode 7 was posted late in the month, but given enough time I think it would have shot to the number one spot. I find it interesting that Cinderella Boy and Angel of Darkness made it to the top ten. Those clips have been posted elsewhere before, but I guess not everyone had them.

This is another screenshot I found from D. Gray -Man episode 30. It's a different angle of the chloro scene. That means there's at least three different angles to this chloro, which means it could actually be good! It aired today so I should have the episode right

Did you notice how I am starting to use Photobucket again? It's because I purchased a $25 pro account, JUST so I could keep all the Photobucket scans activated during the bandwith outage. I can't believe that even with 25 gigs of bandwith it STILL exceeds. Oh and another fascinating statistic: in the month of April over 86 gigabytes of video clips were downloaded. That means if you combine everything from Photobucket and my filer account, it's over 111 gigs of data transferred in a month.

I updated the Doujinshi/Manga section. There's a lot of good stuff there, mostly chloros.

Oh yes, I added another video clip. This one is from Lupin III season 2 episode 75. It's a gas scene involving Fujiko. I had the screenshots that Jett posted on the Chloroforum over the summer, but he never told me the episode. I tried contacting him over and over but he never responded. I finally sent the screens to a Lupin III expert and he told me the answer immediately. The anime community can be so helpful at times.

I just got back from my brother's little art show. He had his own little wall showcasing his portfolio. Did you know he's going to attend Washington University in St. Louis to become an architect? I highly doubt he will succeed, I think he should do illustrations. I really want him to draw me something, but he is so freaking stubborn. I offer him fame, money, everything but he's indifferent on the issue.

I thought about what people said about me trying to get him to "like" bondage. I don't know about you, but I think it's possible to get someone to "like" bondage. The prime example is myself. I originally disliked bondage, didn't think it was anything special. Then I visited AVGDID and started looking at more and more DiD. Eventually, something inside me clicked and I realized bondage is actually pretty cool. I'm even writing a paper on it!

I'm about to give up on my lame brother and just wait until someone on AVGDID draws something involving chloroform. I'm hoping this website will start influencing the artists on that board.

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May 02, 2007
I never thought Darker trhan black would be the favorite.
I dont think its that good already.
Hehe your poor brother,i really loved to see something of his art but if he dont want draw something for u. =/
Maybe as a birthday Present or for Xmas :D

May 03, 2007
Angel of darkness is in there too... Didnt expect that...