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May 06, 2007 08:06 PM
Okay thanks for all the feedback on my previous post. Right now though, I need help from you guys, the community. I am still missing a lot of well known scenes in the comics database. In particular, I know for certain I am missing chloro scenes from possibly Kerry Drake and an unknown manga. I lost a huge chunk of data last year in a reformatting accident. I know many of you probably saved scans from the very old "chloro_comics" Yahoo group. If you did, look through your files and if you find something that I have not posted please send it to me because chances are I do not have that scan.

Also, does anybody remember when Project X posted his entire archive on the Chloroforum? I just realized, I did not download his entire archive. I am missing his "contact KO's parts 1,2" and "unconscious/fainting" archives. If somebody could upload those archives to rapidshare or sendspace, I could update the database with those scans.

Thanks in advance to anyone who sends me something.

In related news, I went ballistic last night and found a TON of KO scenes. Needless to say, there is going to be another huge update in the next few days.

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