I Hope You Like Xena

Jun 12, 2007 09:31 PM
You know, during summer I get really really lazy. I get so lazy that it takes several days before I get the motivation to update this site. Sometimes I will be obsessed with this site, updating it every other day. Right now I'm in this period where I am not so interested in seeing girls unconscious (but believe me, I think about it pretty much every second). My point is that my sleepy interest can be cyclical and I'm currently in a trough.

I went through some Xena comics and found some pretty decent knockouts. Those are in the database as we speak. I also found two gas KO's that were in "Outsiders #48" and "Nightwing #133", both featuring Nightwing oddly enough. In this day and age knockout gas is a very rare sight, although it's still popular in cartoon shows.

I also updated the "unknown comics" section with some scenes Monsieur Paul sent me. I am very grateful for them.

You know I haven't checked this site in a while and when I looked at the "unknown comics" page I noticed that three scans were removed by Photobucket. There wasn't even any nudity in them!! These image hosting companies piss me off so much because their service is so unreliable. I can't be sure if all my pictures will be here tomorrow. If Photobucket cancelled my account this site would be so fucked it wouldn't even be funny.
My brother is playing Super Paper Mario on his Wii and he said there is an enemy plant that shoots out poisonous gas. He told me about it thinking I would be interested. I wasn't turned on by the idea, but that scene where Princess Peach was lying on the ground unconscious was pretty cool.

Okay time to look through some more comics.

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Jun 12, 2007
I really really love monsieure pauls work its fantastic.
Hmm i ever thought Xena is a Lesbian charakter, i mean i heard it once in the past but i dont know if there is a piece of truth on it because i never have watched this show.

Jun 13, 2007
Hey, I have an ID for you on this scene

Its from Equinox Chronicles #1 Character name is Shannon Mallory

Jun 13, 2007
Thanks for the ID!