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Jun 18, 2007 10:45 PM
Oh man it's been great lately. LoZ posted another nice chloro pic on AVGDID, and today someone else posted yet another chloro pic. Chloroform seems to be getting more and more popular over there. Everyday brings something new.

I found my share of knockout scenes too. Remember this great Natacha chloro scene? Well I found the aftermath to it, and it turned out to be a nice wakeup scene. I found a scene where Natacha is knocked out with a gun butt to the head. So much potential with this girl, I wish I could find more of this comic. Natacha's chloroforming scene is one of my all time favorites because the sequence is panned out perfectly. There is one panel of her in distress as the guy is coming towards her with the sponge, and then there is a panel where she is struggling to fight off the fumes. In the very next panel she goes limp. It's actually quite rare to see a damsel go limp in a comic after a chloroforming. We get blessed with several shots of her unconscious and then a hot wakeup scene. Europeans man...they know their shit.
Other than that my finds have been very sparse. I found a Zatanna faint scene (she runs out of air while in space), a Wonder Girl KO and a weird Family Guy gas scene (I did not expect that one at all). It's fun to just browse through random comics; it's a real time killer.

My life is pretty unremarkable right now. I drive 45 minutes to work every weekday, for my job as a software engineerer. When I come home I take a big nap and at night I like to play some video games. I'm currently playing Halo on PC. It's really fun but I still fail to see what is so good about it. I might have to pick up Halo 3 just so I can play the multiplayer. I'm looking to play Half-Life for the PC again because it's such an awesome game and I haven't played it in a long time.

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