Stupid Piece of Plastic Causes Misery

Jun 23, 2007 06:01 PM
On Friday I was driving into the parking lot to goto work like usual. In order to get into the lot you need to use your ID card. Whatever, no big deal. It takes about 7 minutes to walk to my building. When I get to the lab I find out that I didn't have my ID card which I needed to get into the room. My first thought is that this card is in my car still, so I walk all the way back to my car. A quick search in my car didn't turn up the ID card. Okay now I am starting to get worried. My next thought was that the card was in my sweater pocket, which was back at the lab. So I walk all the way back to the lab only to find that the card wasn't in my sweater either!! I was absolutely baffled as to how I could lose this card in such a short time span. I decided to goto the Access Services office to purchase a new ID card (which is CLEARLY the simplest option). I didn't know that a new card costs $25. I had about $20 in cash and no checks. The office would not take my Discover card. I could not goto the ATM because by some strange chance I lost my ATM card a few days ago. So I had absolutely no way to buy a new ID card. My only option was to disable the card to prevent unauthorized use. I walked 10 minutes back to my car to do a more thorough search. I looked in the tiny crack next to the seat and I saw a little piece of plastic standing vertically. I stared at it for a minute before reaching in and taking it out. I then sat there and thought about life before calling Access Service to enable the card. All this wasted about an hour of my life.

I updated the database today. There is nothing really eye popping, although I really like the Arrowette KO scene someone on c3c posted. I've always wanted to see Arrowette get knocked out but she was always such a tough character. To show my appreciation for all the KO scenes people are posting on c3c, I started posting all my bondage finds.

Well, that's all I have for now.

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Jun 23, 2007
Trust me, your day could have been worse.

I work in construction and we are in the final phase of rebuilding an old school (the alma mater of Steven Spielberg and Linda Carter.)

Carpets are laid, everythings painted, cabinets are just about completely installed, ceiling tiles in.

For the most part, the main things left is to get the AC's running (Me), finish the lights and electrical stuff installed, and of course check the little stuff like fire alarms, FIRE SPRINKLERS, toilets, etc, etc, etc...

And whatever you do, if you do have to change a sprinkler head or line, TURN OFF THE WATER FIRST!!!

Enuff said. To make matters worse, the unforcasted downpour occured on the second floor.

(oh, the concrete guys also broke a water line in the school yard a few hours earlier.)

So you thought you had a bad day.

(NO! it wasn't me.)