Original Art

Aug 31, 2006 09:15 PM
Here is some original CG art someone posted on AVGDID. Thought I might share it on here.

The people on AVGDID sometimes (very rarely) draw sleepy art. It's not something they are truly interested in. If I could draw, I would draw a chloroform scene AND THEN I would draw the damsel tied up. I feel it's more interesting if we see how a girl is captured. Nothing new in Sensational She-Hulk. I need to get older comics, like 50's and 60's to find those gas scenes.

I like to compare searching comics for sleeping gas scenes to searching rolls of coins. I'm an avid coin collector and I enjoy getting rolls of pennies from the bank to search. Occasionally, I find a wheat penny in the roll. Those wheat pennies are like sleeping gas scenes in comics. They are rare, but if I search long enough I do find them. Also the older the rolls of coins, the more wheaties you find. Newer rolls have nothing but shiny pennies. New comics have nothing but shiny leather. Just my two cents.


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