Unknown chloros

Sep 01, 2006 11:07 PM
I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent human being, but I have done some pretty dumb things. One thing I regret doing is erasing all my comic scan sources. In other words I have no idea where some of my scans came from because I never saved that information down. So now when I want to index scans it becomes kind of hard. It's kind of embarassing doing this, but I am making a section of my site called "unknown chloros". Basically if you know where the scan came from, just drop me an email so I can index the scene. Simple as that.

Oh yeah, does anyone out there have the chloroform scene from Vampirella #71? It's the one where Vampi goes to hollywood. Yeah for some reason I never saved that scene to my hard disk. Someone has to have that scene (because it was Ethernet I believe) and I just want to see it again. Maybe if I offer a reward there will be an incentive to send me that scan. Whoever sends me the scan can get a free G-mail account. Deal or no deal?

So if you goto the Sleeping Gas page you will see that I added a quote of the day. Basically, everyday you will see a different quote from a comic dealing with sleeping gas. Some are freaking hilarious because they sound so weird when taken out of context. I just thought that would be a fun addition to the site. I might do the same with the chloro page.

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