Back on Campus

Aug 23, 2007 01:37 AM
Man this dorm is a freaking palace. So, I moved back in today. It was exhausting. So far the only people living in this apartment is me and another guy. So we talked about stuff, walked around, watched "The Office" and played some Guitar Hero.

Well since my last post was about my struggles to attract women, I've decided to post some minor updates. As I was moving in, I bumped into a girl I've known for a few years now (since I don't want to mention real names, I will just call her 'D'). So 'D' is really nice, she likes to talk to me. I don't know if 'D' is right for me though, I can't explain it. There hasn't been any romantic connection between us. Basically right now it's just, we know each other and that's about it.

In the evening I went to a restaurant that I frequently visit. There is this waitress there in about her 40's who for some reason thinks I am very handsome. She thinks I am so good looking that she wants me to "hook-up" with her daughter (who I'll just call "L"). This waitress even gave me "L"s phone number! Of course, me being the shy insecure one, I didn't have the balls to call "L". I think I lost that number too. I've actually met "L" before though. Interestingly enough, "D" and "L" are actually cousins with each other! "L" is kind of cute and likes to talk alot. I don't really know her, I just occasionally say "Hi" to her. Maybe I'll try to get to know "L" better.

One more interesting thing happened today. It was about 1:00 AM and I was bored so I went outside for a brief walk. As I was walking, some girl on the third floor opened her window and said "hi" to me. I said "hi" back and continued walking because I didn't think it was anything too out of the ordinary. Then as I was walking back the same girl shouted out her window "hey, I know you!". So I decided to try something cool. I asked her what room number she was in and asked if I could come up to her suite. She said "okay!" and I walked up to her suite. There were two other girls in the suite and I introduced myself to them. The girl told me her name was "J" and we chatted for about 5 minutes before I left.
So, this is basically what happened on my first day back.  Maybe if I keep this up some more stuff will happen.

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Aug 23, 2007
> Maybe if I keep this up some more stuff will happen.

Absolutely! :D You are FTW there, my friend. Don't push anything too hard, and be prepared for a lot of disappointment: but if you can just keep talking socially to women, not only will you be lucky some time: your social networking skills will improve greatly.

The key is being sociable. Not looking to hang your hat on the very next woman who comes along. For instance, that girl L you mentioned. Take up her Mum's request. Take L out to a few quiet social events so you can both enjoy them together. I mean things like an art exhibit, a show, something like that. The girl would be looking for company, not necessarily a date. But if it /turns/ into a date, so much the better. However, even if it doesn't pan out, if you've treated the girl well she will tell her mother how nice you've been to her; the mother will be pleased; and you'll have a friend who might even be in a position to recommend you for a part time job, if the money's a bit pinched and you're desperate.

Everything happens. Just don't pin expectations on anything, until it happens. And you'll do fine. :)

One thing. Just don't broach the subject of what this site is about until you're really sure of her, and that means getting her to open up to her little fetishes first, if you see my point. ;)

Good luck. :D


Aug 25, 2007
Keep up the good work...boy.

Aug 25, 2007
Hey, that's great! I am glad that you are getting some attention from the opposite sex!

I would also advise on not mentioning the fetish at all until well into a relationship (weeks/months) -- people can be really skeeved out by this kind of stuff! I know this from personal experience.