Avengers v1 #42 - Black Widow

Sep 02, 2006 08:09 PM
Nice scan from Avengers #42 of the Black Widow (in her old costume, very nice) getting a dose of sleeping gas. The dialogue is the best: "room filling with some sort of gas! Putting me to sleep." Man I wish we were still living in the 60's, those were the days weren't they? One thing I noticed while flipping through comics was that 40 years ago, they had a ton of ads for coin collectors. Like there would be ads for Mercury dimes, pennies, silver halves. There was a real market for coin collecting a long time ago. People were once genuinely interested in that stuff. Today all our ads are about video games and movies. But man, imagine seeing an ad for a Franklin Half.
Interesting scan of Captain Marvel being KEPT asleep using gas. There's a difference. These kinds of scenes are okay. My favorite "kept asleep by gas" scene is from Avengers #195. That's the one where a glass box is placed over the Wasp's head and sleeping gas is continuously pumped in to her.

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