December Update

Dec 14, 2007 10:42 PM
So I added some more original art by LoZ, look for them in the original art section.

There are some new interesting photos in "Girls" and "Miscellaneous".

I added some new sleepy scenes to the database. One of them is a good head KO from Jungle Girl #3.

I'm starting to have more free time to find scene and update this site. In fact, the next four weeks I have no school, yay! I've gotten a little interested in flipping through comics again. Haven't found anything that interesting yet. So in the area of sleepy scenes, there is not much activity.

Now, I feel like talking about politics again. I remember a long time ago I mentioned something about how I hate Bush and I got a lot of heat for that. Well the presidential primaries are coming up and I felt like I should inject some input on what I think about the 2008 Presidential Elections. On the Democratic side, there's Hillary Clinton who I don't like because she's a robot. In fact, if Clinton was nominated I would vote Republican (probably Romney or Thompson), unless it's Giuliani because Giuliani sucks. I mean, how can someone use the tragedy of 9/11 for political gain? It's sickening.

On the Republican side, there is one candidate that has peaked my interest. He's gained a lot of popularity lately. That candidate is Ron Paul. I recently watched videos of his debates and speeches, and the more I listen to Ron Paul the more I agree with him. Plus he's against the war in Iraq. People are saying Ron Paul does not have a chance and I kind of agree. But Ron Paul has one of the most passionate base of supporters I've ever seen. Heck, I've even considered donating to his campaign, that's how much he's influenced me. I wouldn't be surprised if he came in second or third place in one of the primaries.

Well, that's all I have to say for now.

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Dec 15, 2007
its good to see that the youth of USA is starting to open their eyes to the reality! im sorry but i have to say it (is was you who brought the subject) allmost all the world hates USA!!! the war on iraq was a war of interest!
the 11/9 was a big operation to rebuild new york and an excuse to start the war against "terror"

the weapons that saddam used to kill the curdes (know the name of the ppl in my language but not sure if its like this in english) was supplied by USA

i know this might be some bullshit of someone from anotehr country but i know how the media is in there and im talking seriously although im just a kid with 21 years old... your country does not have any kind of freedom of speech and if you think u have u sure are in their hands with those brain washes of the media and most of the ppl will see freedom as freedom to buy products...

this is why i am now single minded against politics in my country (portugal that tiny country next to spain), as you must know portugal was supporting USA with the war against terror, at that time i was about more or less 16 years old and didnt pay much attacion but 2 years ago 1 channel emitted a documentary for a whole week about USA and their war against terror that i was amazed! the audiances was soo high and the channel receive soo many letters that they had to broadcast it again, having in mind that the documentary was emited about 1:30 am

the documenatry passed throught the bin laden family, george bush (cowboy), and the theatre of events that made the 11/9 especially the WTC (i dont know if the media broadcasted there but if u annalisy the video amateurs u will see explosions, 1 day before, at 10/9, all the bomb detecting dogs were removed, the steel from the building had a fusion temp about 3000 C and the flames only reached 1700 C) this was totally a convenience way to activate the USA economy, euro was getting stronger and stronger, the economy os the states was stagning and we all know how USA is bloodthirted! vietnam, suppling weapons to pakistan against russians and iraq agaisnt iran... the reality is more elaborated than the films...

soz to keep going on that road :( changing the subject i have some republicans i like though and democrats! i dont like hillary clinton also, her stance against videogames is absurd! i knwo there ir a guy allmost bold with some hair (white :P ) that is republican and i like him... i am against the USA politics about guantanamo!!! and barack obama seams a good person! has a clean consciouns and is reasonable!

finnaly, i totally love the images u posted and i have a question: where did u get the images from LOZ about the chloro scenes of cynthia? i didnt saw it on his site...


Dec 15, 2007
Wow, thanks for your input, although I think some of those conspiracy theories are kind of silly.
I got the LoZ artwork from the AVGDID forums, which is in my links section.


Dec 20, 2007
FallenLegend, you are a fucking idiot.